80/20 of E-commerce September 22, 2023

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We’re officially into autumn now with Q4 right around the corner. This week, China will be entering a week-long holiday with possible supply chain disruption.

Speaking of Q4, it’s the official start of Black Friday and holiday shopping. Amazon Prime Big Deals dates have been announced, and soon, other retail giants like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will be joining in. Keep an eye on TikTok Shop, which is gearing up to compete with Amazon by offering early bird deals. On a positive note, there’s potential for Amazon to drop its 2% fees with its SFP program.

We will have a recap of Brandon Young’s webinar workshop “We’ve SOLVED Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm: Step-by-step Instructions to Dominate Your Niche”. Last but not the least, we have a bonus entrepreneurial mindset mini-course from Ben Leonard and a free chapter from his book entitled “Quit Stalling and Build Your Brand. You Don’t Need an MBA to Crush It in E-Commerce.”

This is the 80/20 of e-commerce for the week of September 22nd. 

China Sourcing News: Weeklong Holiday Approaching with Possible Factory Shutdowns – Sept 29 – Oct 6

Heads up! A weeklong holiday, known as the National Day or Golden Week, is approaching in China from September 29th to October 6th. This year, the holiday coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, making it an even more significant celebration. To partially offset the seven consecutive days of the National Day holiday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th, have been designated as official workdays, resulting in a 7-day working week.

During this period, factories, warehouses, and freight partners in China may be closed for up to eight (8) days, from September 29th to October 6th. Factories might be closed for a portion of the week or even the entire week. Logistics providers, such as freight forwarders, trucking companies, and ports, may also be affected.

TAKEAWAY: To ensure a smooth operation during this time, it’s advisable for businesses to proactively plan their work arrangements for this extended break. This is especially important if your clients follow a different holiday schedule. Mark these dates on your calendar and get ahead of the game by preparing for your inventory and delivery requirements in advance.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Announced – Oct 10-11

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days are back, and they’re bigger than ever! Starting October 10th and lasting 48 hours, this exclusive event for Prime members offers a head start on holiday shopping, nearly six weeks ahead of Black Friday. Amazon is known for its impressive discounts on fashion, home, and toys, and this year is no different. Top brands like Sony, Dyson, SharkNinja, LG, and Barbie are on the list.

Last July’s Prime Day was a massive success, with the Fire TV Stick, Laneige Lip Glowy Balm, Apple AirPods, and a Bissell portable deep cleaner flying off the virtual shelves. Prime members from 19 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany, can join in on the shopping frenzy. Amazon is even rolling out influencer-curated shopping lists and offering in-store discounts at Amazon-style store locations in California and Ohio.

Source: Amazon

Prime Big Deal Days will take place in 19 countries around the world according to a recent Amazon press release.  They will “kick off on October 10 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the U.S., and the UK. Prime members in Japan can shop the Prime Big Deal Days event October 14-15.”

TAKEAWAY: The October Prime Sale is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers to increase their sales and attract new customers. Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up on inventory and promoting your products ahead of time.

Walmart, Target, Best Buy follow Amazon with Early Start to Holiday Sales

Retail giants like Walmart, Target, and Amazon are gearing up for an early October holiday sales showdown. It’s not just about Black Friday anymore; these industry heavyweights are rewriting the shopping calendar.

With Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days scheduled for October 10th, Walmart leads the charge with “Walmart Deals – Holiday Kickoff” from October 9th to 12th, presenting online discounts spanning electronics, home goods, fashion, and toys. Meanwhile, Target introduces “Target Circle Week” from October 1st to 7th, delivering substantial discounts, and Best Buy surprises with a 48-hour flash sale commencing on October 10th, featuring irresistible deals on tech gadgets.

What’s even more appealing is that third-party sellers can also participate, making this an inclusive opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Mark your calendars and prepare to capitalize on these early holiday sales events.

TAKEAWAY: These early October holiday sales by retail giants open up exciting prospects for e-commerce sellers. It’s your chance to reach a massive audience and boost your sales ahead of the holiday rush. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Amazon May Drop 2% Fees for Using New ‘Seller Fulfilled Prime’ Program

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Amazon is considering waiving the 2% fees for sellers who use the new Seller Fulfilled Prime program. This program allows sellers to fulfill Prime orders from their own warehouses, rather than relying on Amazon’s fulfillment centers. By eliminating fees, Amazon aims to encourage more sellers to participate in the program and increase the selection of Prime-eligible products. To be part of this, you’ll need to meet Amazon’s strict criteria, including offering premium shipping, on-time deliveries, and nationwide coverage.

The Seller Fulfilled Prime program offers several benefits to sellers, including greater control over inventory and shipping, as well as the ability to provide a more personalized customer experience. With this program, sellers can maintain their own brand identity and packaging, which can help differentiate their products from competitors. Additionally, sellers can leverage their existing logistics infrastructure and potentially reduce costs associated with using Amazon’s fulfillment services.

The best part, SFP participants get a Prime badge on their listings, which can attract more shoppers and boost your sales.

TAKEAWAY: Stay tuned, because if these fees disappear and that Prime badge shines on your products, it could be a game-changer for your Amazon business.

TikTok Shop to Rival Amazon with Early Black Friday Deals

TikTok Shop is set to compete with Amazon this holiday season by offering early Black Friday deals as early as October 27th. The social media marketplace, which debuted in the US earlier this September, consists of shoppable videos with direct links to the products being offered. Not only that, but TikTok creators are able to sell from their small businesses, so consumers have plenty of options to choose from.

The TikTok Shop’s early Black Friday deals will offer discounts of up to 50% off, and the platform aims to move at least $20 billion in products this holiday season.

TAKEAWAY: This development is significant because it signals a shift in the e-commerce landscape. Social media platforms like TikTok are becoming major players in online shopping. For entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers, this could open new doors for marketing and connecting with potential customers.

WEBINAR REPLAY: “We’ve SOLVED Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm: Step-by-step Instructions to Dominate your Niche” feat. Brandon Young

Missed our live webinar “We’ve SOLVED Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm: Step-by-step Instructions to Dominate your Niche” with Amazon expert Brandon Young? No worries! You can now watch the full replay and unlock the secrets to dominating your niche on Amazon.

In this webinar you will:

🚀 Uncover the enigmatic secrets of Amazon’s ranking algorithm

🛠️ Step-by-step instructions to elevate your organic ranking and dominate your niche

🔍 Delve deep into the algorithm’s intricacies

💡 Strategies to effectively influence your rankings

🏆 Learn the art of maintaining dominance once you’ve reached the top spot



00:00 –  Introduction

02:50 –  Why this webinar is important and who is it for

06:00 – Amazon is a ranking algorithm. “Algorithm = Performance x Relevancy” 

09:00 – Amazon Ranking Algorithm = Weighted Averages Over Time

15:00 – On-the-spot live walkthrough analysis using Data Dive

18:00 – How to know the market?

28:30 – Master Keyword List, Outlier Keywords, and Deep Dive Case Study

48:50 – Using AI for copywriting listings

55:05 – If a seller uses an AI copywriter, will it do it 100% or does the seller need to polish it?

55:40 – Special Offer from Data Dive

58:05 – Products sold by big vendors

59:40 – Can Data Dive be used for people doing wholesale or reselling?

1:00:30 – Would PPC targeting these keywords be better or do both add it in bullet points and use PPC?

1:04:40 – Should I use keywords for various uses of my versatile product in the title and listing during the launch, or will this confuse the algorithm about where to display my product?

1:09:04 – Should I use the maximum character limit for my Amazon product title, or is it better to keep it concise for better overall ranking?

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Unlock the Secrets of E-commerce Success Today! – “Quit Stalling and Build Your Brand. You Don’t Need an MBA to Crush it in E-Commerce”

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly build successful ecommerce brands, while others are left struggling? Well, wonder no more.

Ben Leonard, the anti-guru behind the multi-million-dollar brand, Beast Gear, is sharing the secrets to his e-commerce success. Ben grew an international 7-figure business and successfully exited after 3 years; the business holy grail. 

I’m super excited to learn that he wrote his book sharing what he learned along the way so you can do it too. As you know, Ben is an alumni speaker at the 7 Figure Seller Summit and Co-Founder of  EcomBrokers. Ben has generously offered a free chapter from his book as well as a mini-course on the entrepreneurial mindset and additional exclusive bonuses for the 7-Figure Seller Summit community. You can grab these freebies by joining his wait list. 

Ben Leonard’s new book, “Quit Stalling And Build Your Brand. You Don’t Need an MBA to Crush it in E-commerce” is your roadmap to e-commerce success. Whether you are just starting, or you’re going pretty well but need some extra oomph…

Better yet, when you join the waitlist for the launch, you’ll get several exclusive bonuses – for FREE. Just visit www.quitstallingbook.com/7fss and secure your spot. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

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