The 80/20 of Ecom 3/22/24

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a bit crazy busy the past few weeks and I’m still under the weather but the good news is that spring is officially here and I’m super excited that…

7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind in Okinawa in 2 weeks!

I’m impressed by the level of the attendees to this year’s conference.  It’s truly going to be an intimate mastermind filled with 6, 7, and 8 figure sellers.  

In the course of two days in-classroom learning about how to sell in Japan, we are even going to have 

a hands-on workshop where sellers can open their laptop to get 1 on 1 help from Japan selling experts including 8 figure and 7 figure japan sellers.  By the time you walk away from Okinawa, you will have a clear plan on what steps to take to grow your business and sell up to $965,000 in Japan. 

We will also visit a local Japanese shopping center so you can see

  • See Japanese products in your niche in the wild – kitchen, beauty, apparel, pets, etc.
  • Learn about Japanese product packaging
  • See how products are priced in Japan
  • What type of promotions they offer
  • As well as identify new product opportunities in PERSON that you couldn’t have done using online tools

We also will have workshops with Brandon Young on keyword research and product selection in Japan without knowing Japanese.  

As well as Nick Katz leading a product market fit analysis and understand the mindset of the Japanese consumer. 

Even Bradley Sutton from Helium 10 is attending to learn how to sell in Japan!

We will mastermind and network with these fellow entrepreneurs – sometimes the most valuable things you learn are the things you share over coffee, lunch, or drinks outside of the main conference.

We have a couple of spots left and you can join us here:

Suez Canal Shipping crisis update: Gaza conflict’s forgotten shipping crew held hostage in the Red Sea | CNN

As sellers, we are concerned about the shipping crisis affecting our shipping rates and causing delays of products shipping from Asia to our fulfillment centers.  

I was surprised to learn that one of the container ships that was attacked in the Red Sea by Houthi rebels had 25 crewmembers that are currently being held hostage by these bad actors.

These brave crewmembers hail from countries around the world including the Philippines, Bulgaria, and other nations.

TAKEAWAY: I hope this conflict can come to an end quickly, because not only is it affecting business but also people’s livelihoods.  Checkout this CNN article here.

Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan Faceoff – 7 Figure Seller shares experience – which is the BEST marketplace to sell in? 

Nick Katz, 7 figure seller in Germany, UK, and Japan spills the beans on the costs, regulations, VAT/Tax levels, market demand, PPC costs, and more.  

He even went in such detail he shared about the different customer return rates among the different countries.  

Takeaway: There are some misconceptions about which marketplaces are easier to sell in.  Nick dispels these myths based on his firsthand experience.

One of the keys to success is choosing the right marketplace (not just the right product).  If you really want to move the needle in your business, taking your existing product to the right market could add 6 figures to your bottom line.

If you choose the wrong one however, it could mean a ton of time wasted as well as lost money and the opportunity cost.  Definitely check this training out.  

My Top 3 China sourcing hacks for sellers sourcing from China (don’t make mistake #1)

Recently My friend and fellow amazon seller Deepak Adhav asked me for my top 3 tips sourcing from China – checkout what I said.  Recorded over lunch in Tokyo – funny how quickly I’m devouring my lunch while giving coaching advice! 

TAKEAWAY: Sourcing is critical to every ecom business.  What are you doing to optimize your sourcing right now?  

Kevin King is hosting a Amazon Sellers Live Hack contest 3/28/24 1pm ET / 10am PT

Quick note from my friend Kevin King:

Hacks contest:

– “Rank on page one of Amazon in 7 days or less” 

      – that was just one of the many hacks presented at the last BDSS Hacks contest (see more below)

I’m hosting another Billion Dollar Seller Amazon hack contest online next Thursday, March 28.

When: March 28
Time: 1pm ET / 10am PT
Where: online by Zoom
It’s FREE to attend.

I always do these at the paid BDSS events, and they are super popular.

They are jam packed with amazing tools, tips and hacks for Amazon and e-commerce sellers.

This one on March 28 is open to all at no charge – you can’t afford to miss it.

Register right now. The room can only hold 1,000 people, and last time I had 3,432 register.

Sample of the hacks that competed in February’s hack contest:

  •   Rank on page one in 7 days or less
  •   Health product makes $180K profit with $0.30 ad spend (winner)
  •   Secret tool that gets us over 10,000,000 impressions every month
  •   Immediately reduce your inbound shipping costs by 50%
  •   Index image hack: boost Amazon sales guaranteed
  •   Convert negative reviews into positive ones legally
  •   How to create your own Amazon badges
  •   A 100% FREE, must-have AI toolkit (wowser – winner!)

Takeaway: Kevin always brings TOP TOP Amazon hacks – Join live if you can

What Great Founders do at Night – Ariana Huffington Interview – Masters of Scale Podcast

As an entrepreneur one thing we often overlook is our health.  

How much sleep are you getting?  I just checked my apple watch and I’ve only averaged 5.5 hrs of sleep for months.

Sure I can power through it but listening to this podcast, the biggest takeaway for me is that founders who lack sleep:

  • Are less inspirational 
  • Make more hiring mistakes
  • And are more likely to slack off!

Ariana Huffington also shares the concept of a sleep routine – kind of like a bedtime routine for a young child (but for entrepreneurial adults).  

Takeaway: If you want to increase the quality of your work and your life, then I highly recommend you check out this episode of Masters of Scale from Reid Hoffman

In case you missed it: 

Get some sleep guys – Have a great weekend,


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