The 80/20 of Ecommerce – March 26, 2021

Walmart Marketplace is opening its doors to foreign 3rd party sellers

According to Bloomberg, “Walmart Inc. has removed rules requiring sellers on its marketplace website to be registered in the U.S. — an attempt to close the e-commerce gap with Inc. and tap into China’s vast network of manufacturers.”

As you may know, the majority of the new sellers on are based in China.  

Will this mean that there will be a rush of foreign competitors jumping on Walmart?  

That remains to be seen as selling on Walmart’s online selling platform is still invite-only and requires a more thorough vetting process than Amazon’s according to Bloomberg.   

Massive cargo ship becomes wedged, blocks Egypt’s Suez Canal (Associated Press)

On Wednesday Mar 24, 2021  a huge freight ship called the “Ever Given” got stuck in the Suez Canal blocking ocean freight going to and from Europe due to high winds. 

This freight ship is as tall as the Empire State Building and has blocked all traffic through the busy Suez Canal.

10% of global trade traffic passes through the Suez Canal so this is causing a huge traffic jam as hundreds of cargo ships are in line waiting for the blockage to be opened.  

Planet Labs Inc. via AP

This has never happened in the 150 year history of the Suez Canal and logistics headaches as we are recovering from the effects of the pandemic on sourcing and supply chain.  

If you have some products on a boat from China to Europe or vice versa, you may want to check with your freight forwarder in case it is waiting behind the stuck cargo ship in the Suez Canal.  

Deep Dive into Keyword Research – featuring Karyn Thomas – Helium 10 [REPLAY]

Sorry for the email mixup (our fault!) as most of you did not get the email with the link to the live training.  Here is the replay.  

In this 67 min training you will learn:

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  • Long tail keywords – what’s the minimum search volume you should consider
  • How to rank for a product that doesn’t exist yet
  • Where to spend time in Keyword Research to get the most ROI
  • What to put in a Product Listing Title
  • What to put Backend Search Terms 
  • Why the Subject Matter field is so important

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