Discover how 30+ 7 Figure Sellers Built, Scaled, and Exited their e-commerce businesses so you can do it too.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" 
-Jim Rohn 

I've invited over 30 successful e-commerce entrepreneurs to teach you how they did it in this free for a limited time online event!

Learn the 5 Phases of BUILDING and SCALING your business PROFITABLY to 7 Figures so you can maximize your Exit. 

5-Day Free Online Event | Aug 17-21, 2020

SURROUND YOURSELF with thousands of like-minded e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world and level up your e-commerce and Amazon business TODAY!

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In 


Unlike other online events, the 7 Figure Seller Summit (7FSS) was established in 2018 and has a proven track record of helping thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world level up their e-commerce businesses.

This year given the impact to COVID-19,  e-commerce could be the silver lining as sales continue to grow online while offline retail struggles to gain traction.  

So we decided take this opportunity to launch the 3rd edition of 7FSS in August 2020 to coincide with WORLD ENTREPRENEURS' Day as we are helping entrepreneurs all over the world by allowing them to join ONLINE.

The format of the 7FSS is structured like a course.  We cover the 5 phases of how an e-commerce business grows and scales.

Each day we will focus on ONE STRATEGY and get several different perspectives from 7 Figure Sellers and e-commerce experts so you learn MULTIPLE WAYS to approach a strategy to decide which one is the best for you. 

Then at the end of each day we will have a LIVE RECAP and Q&A Session with special guest speakers.  So you can get your questions answered live to get unstuck and move your business forward!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’re learn when you get your free pass to the 7 Figure Seller Summit TODAY

This Online Event Will Be In FIVE Phases  

Day 1


Many wantrepreneurs FAIL right out the gates because they lack the MINDSET of a successful entrepreneur.  You’ll discover how these successful entrepreneurs find ways around excuses, overcome the fears of failure, risks and pulling the trigger.  

Also you will learn the Fundamentals of choosing a profitable product away from the crowds, finding a trustworthy supplier, and proven launch strategies without wasting money on giveaways.

Day 2


Creating a Brand is like BRINGING A GUN TO A KNIFEFIGHT.  

Discover how to drive traffic and market your brands through Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Social Media… without wasting your time spinning your wheels.  We bring the experts to show you how they are doing it right now with tremendous results.  

Also find out how to protect your brand from IP theft and Amazon suspensions.

Day 3


Scale your business to 7 Figures through proven strategies to get more reviews on Amazon in 2020, Advanced strategies how to hire VAs and build a remote team, and how to grow to international marketplaces in Europe, Japan, and India…

Also diversify your revenue to wholesale and retails stores... just one nugget could grow your business exponentially

Day 4

PROFITABILITY: So you can keep more money in your pocket

Discover the Profit secrets of the top 10% of 7 Figure Sellers, how to avoid the most common mistakes that leave your hard earned money on the table, and specific ways to cut costs so you can survive and thrive.

We will turn over the rocks to you can discover how to optimize your shipping, storage, and fulfillment as you scale… and even increase your profitability while selling LESS!

Day 5


Did you know over 50% of a sellers' income will come from selling their business?  But it takes careful strategy to prepare and maximize that Exit.  

7 Figure Sellers  share their REAL WORLD stories how they built their businesses to sell, how to maximize your selling price and increase your multiplier, what NOT to do that can turn off potential buyers and leave money on the table.  Also discover latest opportunities in  trends in businesses that are selling now in a Post-Covid World.

Here’s Why You Should Attend  

  • “You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” - Jim Rohn
  • NEW: Daily Live Recap and Q&A Cocktail Sessions featuring special guests so you can get your questions answered and get unstuck!
  • check
    If you can take-away just one gold nugget to implement in your business it could mean the difference between being stuck where you are now and achieving your goal of a 7 figure business.
  • Are you tired of endless podcasts, youtube videos, and FB groups from the latest Amazon gurus?
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    Stop chasing Shiny New Objects - Start using the actual strategies, tactics, mindsets, and tools that 7 figure sellers use to build their million dollar businesses
  • check
    Learn how these sellers started their businesses as side hustles and when they finally quit their day jobs
  • check
    Brand new speakers discussing the latest strategies of what’s working now post-Covid and also 
  • check
    A smart man learns from his mistakes. A WISE man learns from the mistakes of OTHERS. Learn from their mistakes and valuable real world lessons what NOT to do 

Who Is This For?  

  • Successful sellers that want to keep up to date on the latest trends in ecommerce so they can take action on them to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Amazon sellers that want to scale their businesses to 7 figures but not sure what to do next.
  • Prospective online sellers looking to get started and learn more about what it takes to succeed and what NOT to do so they can have financial freedom, replace their income, travel the world, live as a digital nomad, support their favorite charity, and pursue their passions before it's too late
  • Husband and wife teams who want to learn how they can work together to complement each other and still have time to spend with their families.
  • WARNING: If you are not committed to taking action and will only watch the videos for entertainment then this is NOT for you. 

A complete wealth of knowledge...

“Gary is a complete wealth of knowledge when it comes to sourcing and working with suppliers in China. He’s shared tons of information that has saved me a lot of money and headaches when successfully sourcing products.”

GREG MERCER  //  Jungle Scout, Founder

So many little DIAMONDS of information that can help take your business to the next level...

"I attend a lot of Amazon conferences and there are always so many little diamonds of information that can help take your business to the next level, the beauty here with the virtual conference is you can watch that content over and over until you fully understand how to implement into your business."

CHRIS DAVEY  //  7 Figure Seller

Here's what people are saying about the 7FSS...

I decided to sign up for the all-access as I really wanted to learn from successful entrepreneurs... No regrets!

I just wanted to go with the free version, being a "poor" new seller. But at the very last minute, I decided to sign up for the all-access as I really wanted to learn from successful entrepreneurs and I want to be able to listen to the sessions again. No regrets! As I am still with my day job, I can also take my time to listen to the sessions and better understand the contents.


Thank you very much for this absolut treasure – 7FSS!...

“Thank you very much for this absolut treasure – 7FSS! I watched each and every casting from 1 to 9 so far and I am simply amazed. I will see all 25 of them and I know for sure that I will re-watch some of them more than once. Congratulations, Gery, for this unique initiative and my deepest thanks for your effort! It is of an unlimited value what you offered us. 

Carmen D.

Loving this Summit!!!...

"You Nailed it! Creating unique products will be the key into the future in FBA selling. Lots of explosive nuggets.Loving this Summit!!!"


all I can say is WOW...

“Interview with Chris Rawlings - all I can say is WOW.”


These guys are Amazon Rockstars!...

"Hey Gary, the interview with Sean Smith and Taylor Benterud from PPC AMS Accelerator was legendary. These guys are Amazon Rockstars!"


plenty of nuggets in that interview and take aways !!...

“Great interview Gary - you and Chad covered so much - plenty of nuggets in that interview and take aways !!

Loved Chads no BS approach and his descriptive one liners -
His willingness to give so much back was refreshing and the insights into playing to your stenghths and outsourcing the rest.”

MATT S. many nuggets of information, some that I wondered why I hadn't thought of myself.

"Thanks Gary. There were so many nuggets of information, some that I wondered why I hadn't thought of myself. In general, I think it's a change in thinking. I'm looking forward to seeing all the interviews."


What makes this event different?

Seek the wise counsel of others
Learn directly from proven proven 7-figure success blueprints from A-to-Z in many different e-commerce niches. Also you will learn from their failures so you dont have to make the same mistakes costing you time and money

Develop successful routines to build in your own business - Each day 3-5 new videos will be released. They will feature actual 7 figure sellers and proven experts who bring in an additional perspective from the years of experience.  This way you can absorb this information and decide on what you can implement right away in your own business.

For sellers by sellers
Your host, Gary, is a successful private label seller and has helped thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is a practitioner in the dirt of his own e-commerce business and not just an observer.  So he knows what you are going through and will ask the right questions to tease out the gold nuggets from the presenters. 

No travel required
Offline events have been put on hold for now.  No need to travel and risk your health. Save thousands of dollars on expensive flights and hotels.  And no need to fight the crowds at the airport.

Attend on your own schedule
You can view the videos whenever is most convenient for you on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Save time
No need to block out several days out of your busy schedule away from work and family.

Free to attend
The videos will be available for free for 24 hours each day so even if you’re short on working capital or even student you can still learn from these masters of their craft. An optional all-access pass is available for purchase to unlock all videos and view them anytime.

Portion of proceeds benefit New Hope Cambodia NGO to build a school for orphans in Preah Vihear, Cambodia. We believe in helping out the less fortunate and we will donate a portion of net proceeds from this summit to help a charity in Cambodia purchase uniforms and have clean drinking water for orphans

When you purchase an All-Access Pass you will help us take one step closer to achieving that goal to help these orphans have a better future

New Hope Cambodia Orphanage

The 7 Figure Seller Summit 3 Schedule


Aug 17, 2020

Cameron Walker - 2021 Lessons Learned from an 8 Figure Amazon Seller

8-Figure Amazon Seller

All Levels

Jon Tilley - How to use data to find the right product to sellon amazon's global marketplaces. What the data is telling us in 2021 and beyond.

Co-Founder & CEO at


Meghla Bhardwaj and Margaret Jolly - 10 Insider Strategies for Smooth India Sourcing

Co-Founders, India Sourcing Trip & Virtual India Sourcing Show


Chris Davey - How to Overcome High Shipping rates, Rising costs, and Amazon Inventory Restrictions

Founder, FBA4U


Rahul Chawla - Lab testing for amazon and e-commerce sellers

All Levels

Tim Jordan - How to sell on Walmart

Founder, Private Label Legion

All Levels

Jason Tay - 7 Figure Product Selection in 2021

Owner at

All Levels


Aug 18, 2020

Mike Jackness - Sending outside traffic to Amazon and why it's important.

President & CEO,


Michelle Barnum SmithHow to use Keyword Domination to Accelerate your Brand's Growth

Founder, AMZ Messenger Bot


Ritu Java - The 80/20 of Amazon PPC Ad Types - which to double down on and which to pass on to max your ROI

CEO @ PPC Ninja


Ellis Whitehead - Amazon PPC - Best Practices

Data Scientist and Algorithm expert, Co-Founder at


Paul HarveyAmazon Brand Referral Scheme: Rank and get 10% back on autopilot

Amazon Launch Specialist


Brian R. JohnsonBeat your competition by standing out from the crowd - Listing Optimization

Texas-based advertising strategist, brand architect, e-commerce geek


Saqib AzharSecrets of Launching on Amazon in 2021 even if you have a small budget

CEO at Enablers

All Levels


Aug 19, 2020

Sharon EvenHow to Price HIGHER, Sell LESS, and Make more PROFIT

Founder, FBA Alphas


Amy Wees - How to Expand in Your Niche and Dominate More Market Space

Founder, Amazing at Home E-Commerce


Gilad FreimannManychat, Reviews & Your Virtual Assistant - Use your VA for what really matters

Founder and CEO at VAA Philippines


Maayan GordonThe Future of Video in Marketing in ecommerce

Expert in Social Media Psychology /LinkedIn Consultant/ Creator of the Support Small Businesses Across America Movement

All Levels

Yoni KozminskiHow To Scale Your eCommerce Business via People, Process & Technology  

Escala Founder & CEO

All Levels

Jérôme de GuignéFBA vs FBM in the EU: Amazon stock limitation, OSS, Brexit

Founder and Managing Director of e-Comas


So you can keep more money in your pocket

Aug 20, 2020

Norm Farrar - How to save $$ when sourcing in China

The Beard Guy

All Levels

Zhen Chen - Logistics model - dramatically cut costs for your amazon businessOperations and warehousing in China


Sophie HowardWhat to do with slow-selling inventory and cut your long-term storage fees

Founder, Freedom Navigator, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Product Sourcing Trips

All Levels

Chelsea CohenHow not to run out of stock using inventory management systems

Co-Founder at SoStocked


Yoni MazorHow to Unlock Hidden Profit on Amazon

COO & Co-Founder, GETIDA


Tyler JefcoatHow to Maximize Profits in 2021

Founder & CEO, Seller Accountant


Don HenigFunding for Amazon Sellers to Scale their business

Co-Founder AccrueMe, LLC



Aug 21, 2020

Michael SmithBrand Strategies to Apply Today for an Acquirable Company Tomorrow

Director of Brand Management

All Levels

Josh Dittrich - The Story of Josh's 8 Figure Exit

Founder of

All Levels

Ben Leonard - Why and how to make your ecommerce business sellable and valuable

Co-founder, ECom Brokers


CJ Rosenbaum - Defense wins Championships: how to avoid costly mistakes when exiting

Founding partner of


Eric Dahl - How I built THREE 7 Figure Amazon businesses

Founder at Dahlars Inc


Yael Cabilly - Post Exit Preparation: Do's and Dont's After Selling

Founder of Cabilly & Co., Co-Founder of Fortunet


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q : What is the 7 Figure Seller Summit?

A : Founded in 2018, the 7 Figure Seller Summit is the premier ONLINE event with 30+ expert masterclasses and trainings covering the path to creating a million dollar e-commerce business. 

Discover the roadmap how these 7 Figure Sellers created their physical product e-commerce businesses. For 5-days discover strategies, playbooks, and best practices that are working RIGHT NOW from the top sellers and experts that you can implement in your own business. And learn from their biggest fails so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. 

It’s like sitting in on a private mastermind with some of the most successful sellers without having to spend thousands of dollars in fees, hotels, and travel expenses. You can watch it from the comfort of your home or wherever you are on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Q : Can I watch the summit if I haven’t started my business yet?

A : Yes, I’m certain you will be inspired to take action to begin your business and I offer course for those that want to fast-track the learning curve.

Q : Do I need to travel to attend the summit?

A : NO travel required. You can watch the videos online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or office.

If you’re like me you may have missed many conferences in the past because you didn’t have the time or resources to fly across the country or world.. . G
ood news! I have decided to bring the summit to you so now you have no excuse to miss this!

Q : When can I watch the Summit videos?

A : During 5 consecutive days, 5 to 7 videos will be released each day and available for 24 hours for free. Don’t miss out and I highly recommend you signup now for your free pass to get the links to the videos delivered directly to your email inbox.  

Q : What’s the 7 Figure Seller Playbook?

A : After interviewing 70 7 Figure Sellers and e-commerce experts, Gary has distilled the key strategies, best practices, and mistakes these entrepreneurs made on their way to scaling their businesses.  Also you will learn keys to their success for you to implement in your business right away.  Here you will meet the speakers and learn about their trainings.


About The Host And Founder - Gary Huang

Gary Huang founded and hosted the inaugural 7 Figure Seller Summit in 2018 where over 2,800 people attended online to learn how to create a million-dollar e-commerce business. 

Moreover Gary is a veteran e-commerce entrepreneur selling physical products on Amazon, eBay,  Shopify, as well as his own websites since 2004.  Gary owns a number of private-label brands. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gary has been based in Shanghai since 2008.  He has worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers, having managed multimillion dollar sourcing campaigns for clients in the US and Brazil. 

Gary has been featured in Jungle’s Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study,, and spoken at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong, as well as being quoted by NPR and Bloomberg.   

He also served as the Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai's Supply Chain Committee.   

Gary is a husband and father.  

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