Maayan Gordon – The Future of Video in Marketing in ecommerce

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Maayan Gordon is the Co-Founder of Champion Empire, with a passion for empowering and supporting small businesses across the globe. She is an expert in social media psychology, combining science, emotion, and art to create powerful messages and connections. After surviving a gas explosion when she was 19 years old she was homeless and living out of a 1978 RV. From the depths of despair she discovered her true passion and purpose to help others. She built her first business to 6-figures in one year using the power of social media and the power of human connection.

Since then she has gone on to create 3 more successful businesses and brands in both the product and service industries. She grew her social media following to more than 2.3 million followers on TikTok, 38,000 on Instagram, and 36,000 on LinkedIn.

Her main focus now is consulting and creating strategies for brands, businesses, and world-changers to help them fully unlock the power of social media to accelerate their growth and impact.

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