Sharon EvenHow to use Pricing Strategies to Rank, Sell, and Increase Profitability

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Sharon Even is a 32-year-old entrepreneur who started her e-commerce journey at the age of 15 importing & selling sunglasses in New Zealand on

Over the years she moved on to eBay, virtual shops & eventually found Amazon. Sharon has lived all over the world and her eCommerce businesses were always her side hustle income. In 2015 she fired her boss & turned her side hustle into her full-time income.

A Successful Amazon Seller & Brand Builder, today Sharon not only balances being Amazon, Being a Wife, Mom, & Entrepreneur - she runs multiple businesses including Coaching others on how to sell on Amazon, She is a Respected Speaker and Growing Youtuber.

Sharon lives to not only help and inspire other young mothers but as many people as she can. Helping people just like you to learn the skills that have given her the freedom to live the “Laptop Lifestyle”. As Sharon always says -“ If I can do it - so can you!”

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