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You missed out!

Thanks for getting the 7FSS All Access Pass. You will get your 7-Figure Sales Sumit All-Access Pass with lifetime access to all the summit sessions, together with the amazing bonuses including audio downloads, transcriptions of all sessions, bonus trainings and ebooks from speakers, and more.

The all-access pass will help you build, scale, and prepare your business for an exit. Within a few short weeks, you will be able to implement the ONE THING that is keeping you from adding an extra zero to your Amazon and Ecom business.

But what if you're already a 7 or 8-figure seller? Then just more information isn’t enough. Working with 7-8 figure sellers, I noticed that the thing that really moves the needle is Masterminding with other experienced 7-8 figure sellers to give you DIRECT FEEDBACK on your business.

And that experience will help you when doing things like PPC - when you know you’re doing the right thing.  And NOT doing the right thing.

Also learning from other 7-8 figure sellers with LAUNCHING the correct way.. And how NOT to launch the wrong way.

In other words, it’s like a training program or having experts by your side to help you identify the hidden opportunities that help you add an extra $10,000, $100,000 or more to your bottom line - EVERY MONTH). That’s $100k-$1m/year.

In order to achieve that, you need to strategically start plugging the leaks you have in your business. These small changes can make a huge impact.

Imagine… If you could get just 10% more customers into your business… Or sell 10% more products… Or get just 10% more revenue out of every new customer… Or get 10% more sales out of your existing customers…

What kind of impact would that have on your business?

I’ll help you out and do the math for you. The good news is that the math here works in your favor, and increasing these metrics together will lead to exponential growth.

If you increase each of these metrics by just 10%... Your business will grow by 46%. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Now, in order to do that, you need to go beyond what you’ve been doing so far… And identify new growth opportunities. Because we both know that what got you here won’t get you there.

Going from a 7 Figure to 8 Figure business will require a different mentality, skill set, team, strategy, cash flow, and more to succeed.  

I asked dozens of 7-8 figure sellers what kind of help they need with growing their ecommerce business, I read your feedback, and I hear you. 

You said you wanted something more to help you scale your business and take it to the next level.

So, I took a few weeks and thought long and hard about what would be the most valuable thing I could create for you… I sat down with my team and brainstormed different options… And I talked to many 7-8 figure sellers to make sure I really created something that would be a game-changer for your business…

...and that’s how the 7FSS VIP Mastermind was born.

I created it with one goal in mind:

To help you scale your business, run it more profitably, and exit it at a maximum value.

Now, this mastermind isn’t for everyone. I wanted to create a community of twenty (20) 7-8 figure sellers (that’s a requirement) that helped each other scale their e-commerce businesses. That’s why I’ll check every single person that enrolls - and make sure they’re at the stage they need to be to get the most out of this mastermind.

Here’s everything you’ll get access to with the 7FSS VIP Mastermind:

1. ONE (1) VIP 2 Hour LIVE Mastermind with other 7 and 8 Figure Sellers.

After this session, you will have identified the ONE thing that will help you scale your business, following the 80/20 rule. Because I know that identifying just one hidden opportunity in your business will unlock thousands of dollars in monthly revenue for you. 

On Monday, Aug 16, at 8pm Eastern, You will sit down over a Zoom Call with me and a group of 7-8 Figure Sellers for a whole 2 hours.  We will go around the room in a “hot seat” format (you’ll present your business to us, and we’ll tear it apart and identify hidden opportunities). We’ll also answer any questions you might have, and help you create an action plan to tackle the biggest challenges in your business.

To get the most out of our time together, you’ll fill out a short survey where you’ll share with us the overview of your business, relevant data, and your key questions and challenges. Before our call, I’ll review your responses and prepare growth ideas for you, that we can cover on the call. 

Then, during the mastermind, other 7 figure and 8 figure sellers and I will analyze and help you scale and grow your business and overcome your biggest obstacles to hit your goals.  

Many of these sellers have done it themselves and even exited their businesses successfully, so they can share what worked and also what DIDN’T work so you will know exactly what you’re doing RIGHT and what you’re doing WRONG.  

Can you imagine all the time and money you will save by learning from other 7-8 sellers’ mistakes?  

To make this mastermind even more valuable, I’ll invite a handful of my personal friends who are ecom experts and 7-8 figure summit speakers - so you’ll have direct access to them, otherwise limited to a handful of people on Earth.

You see, there are a lot of hidden mistakes you might be making that we can identify and fix within a few minutes, especially if this is your first ecommerce business.

Having the experience of someone who’s done it and EXITED for 7 figures will be INVALUABLE for you and could make the difference between a 7 Figure Exit for an early retirement OR a crash and burn.

2. THREE (3) additional VIP Mastermind Trainings to help you scale your business(1hr each).

On Aug 18-20 (Tues-Thurs), at 8pm Eastern, we’ll have 3 more mastermind trainings, focused around specific topics, where.Ecommerce Experts will sit down intimately with you, like at the dinner table. 

You will have the opportunity to ask them real questions about your business on the following topics (but not limited to these)

  • Logistics, shipping, and sourcing
  • Branding
  • Optimizing Amazon PPC
  • Hiring VAs and scaling your business
  • Preparing to exit your business

Here’s the exact schedule for your Mastermind Trainings:

  • Live 7 Figure Seller Hot Seat Mastermind Mon Aug 16th, 2021 7-9pm EST
  • Live Marketing/PPC Mastermind - Tues Aug 17th, 8-9pm EST
  • Live Hiring and Scaling with VAs Mastermind - Wed Aug 18th, 8-9pm EST
  • How to prepare for and maximize your exit - Thurs Aug 19th, 8-9pm EST

3. Lifetime access to mastermind recordings

If you can’t make it to some of the live sessions, or if you’d like to revisit the sessions at a later time, I’ve got you covered. I often find that I get even bigger insights from conversations like these a few months or years after I have them.

And since this isn’t a live event, I’ll record every single session, and send it to you, so you’ll have lifetime access to it.

4. Your own Mastermind support group of 7-8 figure sellers

Finally, you'll meet and connect with other 7 Figure and 8 Figure sellers to scale and grow your business.  

You’ll get access to the contact info of other 7-8 sellers, so you can continue the invaluable conversations with them for months (or years) after the event and turn them into your best friends / business buddies. 

I’ve heard you loud and clear, and I know many of you are isolated from other sellers. You wish you had SOMEONE to talk to about your business when you need help the most. 

And I know there are a lot of FB groups, podcasts and Clubhouse rooms out there, but it’s not the same as meeting and masterminding with other like-minded sellers.

In this group, you’ll be surrounded by actual 7 Figure and 8 Figure Sellers (not beginners), which means that their feedback will be a lot more targeted and useful than you’d get in a random Facebook group.

Now - let’s talk about your investment.

I know I could charge thousands of dollars for an event like this, and if this was an in-person event, I Probably would. Other events charge $5,000 to $7,000 for a VIP mastermind like this.   

But because you’ve already bought your ticket to the 7 Figure Seller Summit, I wanted to make this a real no brainer for you. 

As a one-time offer, you can upgrade to the VIP pass to get all 4 bonus LIVE Masterminds, lifetime access to the session recordings, PLUS business contacts that will stay with you for life for an additional $400.

That’s $100 per session, and each of these sessions can generate thousands of dollars for your ecommerce business. I really want you to get 10x, 20x or 50x the return on your investment.

I’m so confident that this will be a gamechanger for you that I’m willing to put my own money where my mouth is. If the mastermind doesn’t absolutely EXCEED your expectations, if you don’t feel like it’s been worth tenfold of what you paid for it, then email me at and I'm happy to return your investment.

If you're ready to make the best investment in your ecommerce business you’ve ever made, click the button below and add the mastermind to your order. 

Just a few short months from now, you’ll capitalize on Q4 (winning time for ecommerce) and we’ll drink champagne together to celebrate your wins.

Are you ready to take the leap?  

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