Grow your Amazon and Ecom brand with AI 2.0

Stop losing time doing the mundane work period. 

Start increasing sales, increasing productivity and profitability in your ecom business.

Learn about the leading cutting edge AI tools - get step by step guides to implement them directly in your business

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You want to grow your Amazon business and be profitable, but you don’t have the time to do everything you want to do,

You spend too much time on low value, redundant work, and too little time on the things that really move the needle.

So what can you do about it?

You can hire more people, work longer hours, make more sacrifices, or…

you can learn how to use AI to debottleneck your business

You will

  • Save Time
  • Be more creative and faster in product development
  • Achieve results faster and BETTER than using the old methods

Last year, AI had a big boom and many people successfully used it to grow their ecom and Amazon businesses.

But if you’ve ever used it before, you know it’s not as easy as saying “just use AI”.

Or downloading a tool and expecting to help you grow your business and become more profitable straight away.

There are three key challenges with using AI today:

  1. There is an ocean of information and way too many AI tools out there
  2. You don’t know how to use them all well
  3. You just don’t have the time to figure it all out

That’s where AI 2.0 comes in.

Last year everyone was learning about AI from scratch. It was all about the prompts.

But this year, things changed a lot.

Now the name of the game is knowing which tools are the most effective and incorporating them into your business as fast as possible, with a short learning curve to achieve your goals.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn at the 7 Figure Seller Summit…

We brought back your favorite speakers from last year, AND we’ve made it even better.

Based on my months of research and talking with dozens of real sellers, this year we’re going way deeper.

We won’t just have masterclasses, we’ll have live workshops, step by step guides, and actual demos which will help you learn exactly how to use AI.

We will cover ways to implement AI 2.0 through all the different processes of your Amazon and Ecom brand including:

  • How to cut hundreds of hours of competitive research into minutes using AI powered strategies
  • Lightning fast product design using AI tools that are putting industrial designers out of business
  • Amazon Listing creation
  •  Listing optimization to increase conversion rates
  • SEO
  • Improved Image generation with AI
  • PPC budget optimization - learn how PPC experts are leveraging AI to double sales while cutting in half ad spend
  • How to scale your business from Amazon to TikTok and Walmart using AI
  •  And most important esp now is PROFITABILITY: how to survive and thrive in this economy and offsetting the ever increasing Amazon fees

What you’ll learn:

Over 3 days, each day will have a different focus on a different phase of your business:

  •  Day 1: Growing and Scaling your business using AI
  • Day 2: Mastering Marketing and PPC optimization
  • Day 3 Profitability so you can keep more money in your pocket

Leverage AI to Save Time

As a one person business AI is important because it can help you save time which is your most valuable resource.

AI can make processes much quicker and easier if you know the right AI tools to use and how to use them the right way.

If you are working with VAs or employees, you can have a leaner team that can do more.

Use AI to get more done, maxing results

Successful sellers are now using AI to streamline their businesses and their work blowing past their competition.

They are using AI to get more done and maxing results.

Smart sellers can leverage AI to get more work done with less.

  • Rather than having 7 people to do things manually, you can use AI to reduce costs and save money
  • You can automate and reduce manual work for your team
  • You can cut down on management time working with a bloated team
  • You can move so much faster with a small team

And for you and your team AI can make redundant tasks easy and fast. But as we know, AI is prone to halluncinations and can make mistakes. That’s why it’s super important that you.

Know where you should use AI and where you should not use AI

AI is not a silver bullet. It cannot do everything well.

Talking to a 7 figure brand owner who runs a $20m agency with 500 employees, he warned that you should not use AI in certain cases in order to:

  • Avoid getting hallucinations
  • Stay away from poor quality results that could even get your Amazon listing suspended
  • Avoid making bad strategic decisions

By the end of the summit, you will know WHEN to use AI and WHEN you should consider other methods.

We even will offer step-by-step guides that you can follow along visually

This way you can learn which AI tools to use and how to use AI tools the right way to achieve your goals.

And for those of you with teams, you can even use 7FSS to teach your employees how to use AI for their jobs.

I find that successful business owners help their employees grow in order to increase their productivity and motivation.

There are too many AI Tools out there

Perhaps most important, based on months of research speaking with 7 and 8 Figure sellers and how they integrate AI into their businesses, we will be representing and vetting AI products that actually work.

Forget so many shiny objects and Forget so many new use cases to get up to speed. 
We have weeded out the imposters.

You will learn which AI tools are working for sellers right now.

We have plenty of experience producing seamless and informative webinars, tailored to elevate your e-commerce business. You can become one of many success stories that came about from applying our hacks to your Amazon business.

You'll get valuable insights from established experts at the upcoming event, where a very unique group of Amazon sellers, ecommerce entrepreneurs, and AI experts, along with special guests, will be sharing their latest strategies on what's working in AI right now.

Confirmed speakers include:


  • Amy Wees, 
  • Vanessa Hung,
  • Steven Pope,
  • Brad Moss,
  • Brandon Young,
  • Ritu Java,
  • Aaron Hughes,
  • Max Sinclair,  
  • Chris Rawlings,
  • Steve Chou,
  • Sebastian Herz,
  • Chad Rubin,
  • Gilad Freimann, and more to come.

You don’t have to go the Ecommerce journey by yourself.

At the 7 Figure Seller Summit, I’m inviting you to join 1000s of other Amazon ecommerce sellers from around the world on this journey.

On top of the 15+ MASTERCLASSES you will also get opportunities to surround yourself with like-minded ecommerce entrepreneurs and get mentorship from successful sellers who have done it before.


Last but not least, we have handpicked the right 7 Figure Sellers and Ecommerce Experts to teach you the strategies that are working right now.

In these 15+ Masterclasses you will learn the exact strategies that these speakers have spent hours of time preparing and are exclusive to 7 Figure Seller Summit (never shared in other events).

The 7 Figure Seller Summit 9 Schedule


Step-by-step making a GPT and step by step making an AI Assistant

Chris Rawlings

CEO | Founder of Sophie Society

AI fundamentals, Prompt Engineering and optimizing for COSMO / RUFUS

Max Sinclair

Founder & CEO at Ecomtent

What NOT to Use AI For (and Why)

Steven Pope

Founder of  My Amazon Guy

AI Product Development: Find Competitors Weakpoints (Pre Step to Sourcing) 

Sebastian Herz

Founder of Zignify

The Perfect Blend: AI and VAs for E-commerce Success

Gilad Freimann

CEO | Founder of VAA

How to expand a million dollar brand off Amazon to TikTok and Walmart (Case Study) 

Aaron Hughes

7 Figure Brand Owner and Founder of ListButler AI

LIVE 90min WORKSHOP: AI Product Design - step by step walkthrough to generate multiple designs you can test right away (part 1)

Brandon Young

8 Figure Seller, Founder of Data Dive and Seller Systems

Pool results (part 2)

Head of Sales and Partnerships at Intellivy


SEO in the new world of AI - How to Rank today

Amy Wees

Founder & CEO of Amazing at Home

Stop competing on Price - Start building your Brand Persona with AI

Brad Moss

Founder & Managing Partner - Product Labs

Make your Sponsored Brand Ads pop with AI

Ritu Java

CEO & Co-founder of PPC Ninja

The Trivium Trinity: 3 core pillars to scaling your Brand on Amazon profitably

Mina Elias

7 Figure Brand Owner, Founder of Trivium Group

Master Meta Ads without a team with these step by step AI strategies

Steve Chou

7 Figure Ecom Store Owner and WSJ Bestselling Author

The Lost Art of Selling: Turning Consumer Insights into Victory

 Peter Paul Maan

Head of Sales and Partnerships at Intellivy


From Red to Black - The Utlimate Private Label Turnaround Playbook

Chad Rubin

Founder & CEO, Profasee | Co-Founder, Skubana (Acquired) | Co-Founder, Prosper Show (Acquired)| Founder

The New Amazon FBA Playbook - Understand and Profit after the new Amazon Fees 

Vanessa Hung

CEO of  Online Seller Solutions

“How to protect your profits from the 5 Profit killers” 

Alex Speian 

Marketing manager

Top AI How to Increase Profitability with PPC Budget Optimizationsfor Amazon Sellers

Sean Smith 


Top AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

Rob Stanley


Profitability Live Workshop

Lisa Kinskey, and Gary Huang

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Who Is This For?  

This event is appropriate for anyone who wants to build a 7 to 8-figure e-commerce business (no matter how early or late in the process you are): 

  • Join the 7 Figure Seller Summit and as advanced 7 and 8 Figure sellers keep up to date on the latest trends in e-commerce to take action and stay ahead of competitors. This one-of-a-kind event brings together thousands of Amazon ecommerce sellers from across the globe, offering a unique opportunity for mastermind sessions, mentorship, and masterclasses.
  • In addition to accessing 15+ masterclasses, you'll have the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and receive guidance from accomplished sellers - learn more about what it takes to succeed and what NOT to do achieve financial freedom, replace your income, travel the world, live as a digital nomad, support your favorite charity, and pursue your passions..
  • All husband and wife teams and partners looking to discover the secrets of working harmoniously together – this is YOUR opportunity to learn, connect, and thrive together as a dynamic duo.
  • WARNING: The 7 Figure Seller Summit is all about commitment, so only those who are truly motivated to growing their Amazon businesses should RSVP.

Here's why you should attend 7FSS

What I love so much about the 7 figure seller Summit is that everyone brings something unique. So you know, my presentation is something that I've never done before. It's something new just for the seven figure seller Summit. And that's what it's like for all the other speakers too. So you are going to learn something unique from everyone.

AMY WEES  //  7 Figure Seller

Well, I honestly think it is one of the best, if not the best summits out there. He's the most genuine, good hearted dude I know in this space. One of the only people who's really just trying to offer the best possible value and you feel it like on the back end, the conversations you guys aren't privy to where he's talking to us. The speakers, like the whole thing is focused on the value to you guys and how it could be the most possible value to you. I've never spoken at another event, physical or digital or that had that kind of focus on delivering the most possible timely, unique ninja value. So you're in the right place if you're here, I'll tell you that.

CHRIS RAWLINGS  //  7 Figure Seller

What makes this event different?


Your host, Gary, is not just an observer but a veteran private label seller who has been in the trenches of his own e-commerce business. With his firsthand experience, he understands the challenges you face and will ask the right questions to extract valuable insights from the presenters. A successful e-commerce entrepreneur and mentor, he has helped thousands of other ecomm professionals grow their businesses. 


Expect to be part of award-winning content as 7FSS was voted “Favorite Amazon Conference” TWO YEARS in a row (Seller Poll Awards).

Free to attend

The videos will be available for free for 24 hours each day, so you can still learn from these masters of their craft even when you have a limited budget or are a student.

We have the all-access pass is available for purchase to unlock all videos, audios, transcripts, live interactive workshops, and additional bonuses.

Portions of proceeds benefit New Hope Cambodia NGO to build a school for orphans in Preah Vihear, Cambodia. As part of our commitment to helping out the less fortunate, we will donate a portion of the net proceeds from this summit to a Cambodian charity that provides clean drinking water and uniforms for orphans

New Hope Cambodia Orphanage

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q : What is the 7 Figure Seller Summit?

A : Founded in 2018, the 7 Figure Seller Summit is the premier ONLINE event with expert masterclasses and trainings covering the path to becoming an e-commerce millionaire.

Find out how these 7 Figure Sellers built their physical product e-commerce businesses. Over three days, learn from the top sellers and experts strategies, playbooks, and best practices that are working right now. Ensure you don't repeat their mistakes by learning from their biggest failures.

Imagine it as sitting in on a private mastermind with some of the most successful sellers without having to spend thousands of dollars in fees, hotels, and travel expenses. The summit is available through the comfort of your home or wherever you are on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Q : Can I watch the summit if I haven’t started my business yet?

A : Absolutely, I'm certain that the information I provide will inspire you to begin your own business, and I offer a fast-track course for those who want to learn more quickly.

Q : Do I need to travel to attend the summit?

A : NO travel required. You can watch the videos online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or office.

If you’re like me you may have missed many conferences in the past because you didn’t have the time or resources to fly across the country or world.. . Good news! You no longer have an excuse to miss this summit since I'm bringing it directly to you!

Q : When can I watch the Summit videos?

A : During 3 consecutive days, 4 to 6 videos will be released each day and available for 24 hours for free. Don’t miss out and I highly recommend you signup now for your free pass to get the links to the videos delivered directly to your email inbox.  


About The Host and Founder - Gary Huang

Gary Huang founded and hosted the inaugural 7 Figure Seller Summit in 2018 where over 2,800 people attended online to learn how to create a million-dollar e-commerce business.

What makes Gary qualified to share his knowledge on the ever-changing Amazon marketplace is his veteran e-commerce experience in selling physical products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, as well as running his own websites since 2004. On top of that, Gary owns a number of private-label brands.

Gary was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Japan in 2020 after spending 12 years in Shanghai. He has worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers, having managed multimillion dollar sourcing campaigns for clients in the US and Brazil.

Gary has been featured in Jungle’s Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study,, and spoken at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong, as well as being quoted by NPR and Bloomberg.

He also served as the Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai's Supply Chain Committee.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Gary is also a devoted husband and loving father.

Now is the time to seize this invaluable opportunity to transform your business and personal life. Join our summit and learn the strategies and tools you need to thrive! Take the first step towards achieving the perfect balance between work and family, and unlock a world of possibilities.

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