Aaron Hughes - How to expand a million dollar brand off Amazon to TikTok and Walmart (Case Study)

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Aaron is a seasoned entrepreneur and a seven-figure seller with a wealth of experience in the e-commerce industry. Over the years, he has diligently absorbed the wisdom shared by numerous past sellers and speakers, and now, the tables have turned. Aaron has transitioned into a speaking role, where he is eager to share his valuable insights with others. In his upcoming presentation, Aaron will delve into a topic that many brand owners consider the holy grail: building a million-dollar brand. Drawing from his own experiences, he will present a comprehensive case study that highlights the practical steps he took to achieve this milestone. Furthermore, Aaron will reveal his strategies for expanding his business beyond Amazon. He will provide a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how he successfully shifted approximately 30% of his revenue to other platforms, including TikTok and Walmart. Attendees can look forward to an in-depth exploration of these methods and gain actionable advice on how to diversify their own revenue streams. Aaron's journey and the knowledge he brings to the table promise to offer invaluable insights for anyone looking to scale their e-commerce business.

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