David Lang and Ryan Sherrard – How 2 "Average Joes" built, scaled, and exited a multiple 7 Figure Amazon business in 3 years

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"David and Ryan, two Canadians currently living in Munich, have been Amazon Sellers since 2020. David is an airline pilot and flies the Airbus A350 all around the world, while Ryan is a molecular biologist who works on cutting-edge RNA research.

Despite having no previous experience in Ecommerce, they were able to scale their business to seven figures in less than 2 years. Along the journey, they relied heavily on their individual strengths in developing SOPs and implementing checklists (aviation), as well as data analysis and experimentation (science).

David and Ryan recently sold their business for several million dollars and now aim to help others scale their own businesses. Their up-and-coming consulting business, DAVAN Strategic, offers coaching and strategic planning for Amazon sellers."

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