Max Sinclair - AI fundamentals, Prompt Engineering and optimizing for COSMO / RUFUS

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Max Sinclair is the founder of, Ecomtent is the next generation of catalog management, that enables sellers to generate product listings including product lifestyle images; infographics, and optimised copy; and list across marketplaces. Ecomtent is a firm favourite tool of the Amazon Seller community, and has received the backing of eBay Ventures. Prior to founding Ecomtent, Max spent 6 years at Amazon, in various global leadership roles, including being responsible for customer browse experience and catalogue for the launch of Amazon in Singapore. He understands COSMO, based on his years working with the A9 team, and scientific exploration Ecomtent has done with similar LLM based search models. He an expert on Prompt Engineering, with a staff of +10 part-time prompt engineers at Ecomtent, who have done their own research and data labelling of 100,000s of customer prompts. Max is passionate about the future of AI, and was educated at Mila, a global leading Artificial Intelligence Institute. He is also the host of the New Frontier, the AI for Ecommerce podcast.

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