Neil Twa – The 4-Steps to 10x an Amazon Brand For Massive Exit in 36 Months

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Since 2012 Mr Twa has been selling on Amazon using private label branded products and FBA. He's been building online businesses since 2007 after leaving his corporate career with IBM. Today his team helps their clients gain $50-$100k per month (or more!) in their Amazon businesses through a 8 year proven game plan that's generated over $100M+ in collective sales on FBA, with millions of units sold. He also hosts a podcast called the "High Voltage Business Builders Podcast" which just broke the top 10% Globally for Entrepreneurial podcasts. The Voltage Business Builders framework allows new start ups (and experienced sellers!) grow their private label e-commerce business start ups under a unique 'pay as you profit' model of performance driven consulting. Case studies included 6, 7 and 8 figure examples. Mr. Twa also owns a "business as a service" (BaaS) that since its inception in 24019, has helped 100's of business builders build strong brands through product research, product launches, and product validation. Used by his clients only, it creates a superior competitive advantage for his mastermind. Mr. Twa spends most his time focused on helping his clients through brand growth strategies and business development. Thought his company Voltage Digital Media they also acquire e-commerce brands with a focus on Amazon FBA.

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