Sebastian Herz - AI Product Development: Find Competitors Weakpoints (Pre Step to Sourcing)

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And, as another little present, here’s the linkt the sellers’ bonus and discount list. The list has value of more than USD 25.000 for sure, probably even more than USD 50.000 by now!

Sebastian himself is an Amazon seller since 2014 and has built 2 brands himself, but also brought his own products into thousands of offline retail stores, including the biggest national retail chains of Germany. Together with his better half, who is for 17+ years in sourcing already, they have built Zignify Global Product Sourcing and have sourced 2000+ products, saved MUSD 300 for their clients in sourcing and have both Amazon-starters as well as Fortune 500 companies to source their products not only in China, but from all over the world. With their team of 40+ sourcing experts, they grew in the shortest amount of time (1 year and 5 month ago it was 1 person only) plainly through word of mouth.

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