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26th June 2023

A behind-the-scenes look: How to use AI to optimize business and life

Chad Rubin

CEO & Founder, Profasee

Tomorrow's Bestsellers: AI in Amazon Product Ideation and Development

Andrew Erickson

CEO at Andrew knows Amazon

How to write the Ultimate Amazon listing with ChatGPT… with a “3.0 Prompt”

Mike Jackness

President & CEO at Terran.com | Host of EcomCrew

Grow Your Brand By Gaining Market Share Through Exploiting Competitive Gaps Using Bard To Compare Listing Features & Benefits

Brian Johnson

Co-Founder of Canopy Management

Optimizing Product Success: Finding the balance between AI and human consumer feedback in the Amazon marketplace

Justin Chen

Co-founder, PickFu

Harnessing AI for keyword research and image generation to create high-converting Amazon listings

Mike Scheschuk (Jungle Scout)

President of SMB at Jungle Scout

Live Product Development Strategies Using AI

Amy Wees

CEO & Founder of Amazing at Home

DAY 1: Q&A Session 

(60 min)

June 26, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST


27th June 2023

5X your productivity through the AI Creator's Workflow

Brad Moss 

Founder & Managing Partner - Product Labs

How to create product and lifestyle images using AI

Max Sinclair

CEO & Founder at Ecomtent

Maximizing E-commerce Success: The Power of Virtual Assistants and AI

Gilad Friemann

CEO | Founder of VAA

The AI Revolution: Automating Content Creation to Propel eCommerce Success

Anthony Lee

A.I. Marketing Specialist

ChatGPT4 Sourcing For Amazon FBA Sellers

Sebastian Herz 

CEO and founder of zignify pte ltd

Utilizing AI to reduce costs and streamlining international logistics

Refael Elbaz

CEO | Founder of Unicargo

More to come...

DAY 2: Q&A Session

(60 min)

June 27, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST


28th June 2023

PPC Management Using AI 

Ritu Java

CEO & Co-founder of PPC Ninja

Double customer LTV overnight with a ChatGPT Powered Internal Marketing Engine

Chris Rawlings

CEO | Founder of Sophie Society

How to use AI Driven Supply Chain Strategies to Reduce Fulfillment and Storage Fees by $70,000

Chelsea Cohen

Co-founder & CEO of SoStocked.com

Using the 4-Steps to 10x an Amazon Brand From Zero To Hero For Massive Payday 36 Months!

Neil Twa

CEO of Voltage Holdings, LLC

AI Powered Email Marketing for Ecom Sellers

Shawn Hart & Seth Stevens

Founders of Post Purchase PRO

AI for Product validation, product design, optimization

Brandon Young

CEO of Seller Systems

30 Hacks For Cool Kids

Kevin King

Managing director at Company 19 LLC & Host of Billion Dollar Seller Summit


(30 min)

June 28, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST


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