Executive Assistant Role: The “Glue” of Our Thriving 7-Figure Seller Community

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for an A-Player to join us as a Virtual Executive Assistant and thought, what better place to start than right here, within our community?

I’m hiring an Executive Assistant (virtual position) (part-time to start with potential for full-time) to take care of the details of the administrative side of my business and personal life so I can focus on business growth and spending quality time with my family.

I’m looking for someone detail-oriented and proactive with excellent communication skills.

Who We Are & What We Stand For:

Our mission is to help Ecommerce entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers grow and scale their businesses.

Through engaging webinars, impactful conferences, insightful email content, and personalized coaching programs, we’re helping them grow.

We connect sellers around the globe with the knowledge and networks they need to expand their ventures and ultimately secure the freedom they’ve been dreaming of.

The Role Awaiting You:

This role is the glue that helps the business run smoothly. 

I am a visionary and need an integrator that keeps the vision alive and the operations seamless.

Beyond just managing calendars and sorting emails, you’ll be the heartbeat of our mission, ensuring that every logistical detail is meticulously cared for. This enables us to focus on what we do best: helping entrepreneurs succeed.

But here’s an exciting twist:

We’re pioneering the integration of AI technologies across our operations.

This role is more than a job; it’s a gateway to the future of ecommerce, offering you a hands-on opportunity to engage with tools and strategies that are redefining our industry.

Why You’re Perfect for This:

You are perfect for this because you’re searching for a role that challenges, educates, and acknowledges your hard work. 

You have a penchant for organization, a mind that thrives on solving problems, and a heart that yearns to make a meaningful impact. 

And if you bring at least a year of experience as an Executive Assistant, you’re already a step ahead.

What’s in It for You:

  • Global Influence: Work from anywhere and make an impact on
    ecommerce success stories from every corner of the world.
  • Never-Ending Learning: Rub shoulders with top-notch entrepreneurs and experts. With us, learning is a constant adventure.
  • AI Expertise: Dive deep into AI technology with us and gain a skill set that’s sought after worldwide but found in few.
  • Opportunities for Growth: Show us your potential, and we’ll ensure there’s always a new challenge or project to stretch your horizons.
  • Making a Difference: Through our support of a rural orphanage in Cambodia, you’ll be part of an initiative that’s close to our hearts, helping to brighten the futures of children who deserve every chance in the world.

This will be a fast-paced role with a variety of different tasks and challenges that present themselves each week.

If you are looking for a slower role, or you tend to get overwhelmed quickly, then this is not the right fit for you.

If you are looking for a temporary job while you find something better or so you can go back to school later then this is not the job for you.

If you have extensive experience managing an executive’s personal and professional calendar and have a passion for details, quick problem solving, rapidly learning a variety of different skills and helping others, then this is for you.

See full job description and details to apply here.

Thank you!


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