Is the 7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind Right for You?

Hi Everyone,

Someone recently asked me who the 7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind for?  

Let me break down 3 types of sellers who this event is a great fit fo. 

Seller A – 8 Figure Seller already selling in Amazon US or Europe

The product category is not the most important thing but more importantly is the fact that your bestselling SKUs have 1500 reviews or more.  

You already have product development down.  

And you already have had success in the US and Canada.  

But if you launch a new product in the US and it does $10k a month, that doesn’t really move the needle for your business at this point.  

It’s the law of diminishing returns when it comes to repeating the same thing and getting lesser results.

You’re looking to take a bigger swing.

Rather than adding an additional SKU you want to add a new business unit.  

But you are not sure about the whole process of setting up to sell into Japan.  

Dealing with the language barrier, import and compliance regulations and costs uncertainties, and marketing to a different type of customer with Japanese buying behavior. 

Then the 7FSJM is a great opportunity because you will learn the ROADMAP to open up a new marketplace to add an additional $965k to your revenue in 2024.  

Similar brands have experienced this in their Amazon Japan product launches in a 12 month period.  

Moreover you can take advantage of the Amazon global reviews system to carryover all of your reviews to Japan on Day 1 when you launch.  

This gives you an unfair advantage because the competition in Japan is weaker overall, the number of sellers are fewer, and the review thresholds are lower.  

All in all this will make things a lot easier for you as an 8 figure seller selling into Japan.  

In terms of the mindset when dealing with these challenges entering Japan, after you cross the bridges to sell into Japan you will look at these challenges as a MOAT around your business to keep your competition out of Japan.  

In other words they are a natural barrier to entry.

Seller B – High 6 to 7 Figure Business already selling on Amazon US or EU

You have had some success in your main market but growth has plateaued or you have maximized your success.  

Perhaps the new round of Amazon seller fees are taking a big chunk of your margins.  

You could be a digital nomad running your business remotely from Chiang Mai or Bali.  

You probably have a very lean team of VAs and/or contractors but not employees.  

You sense that Japan is a good marketplace but you’re not 100% sure yet.  

You did some preliminary keyword research on Japan and the keywords that rank on are not showing the same results as on 

You’re not sure if import or compliance regulations will be cost prohibitive for your products.

Then this event is right for you because

  1. You will be able to learn exactly how to find out the JP keywords for your product and how competitive they are, search volume, and also cultural adaptations and considerations for how your product may be used in JP
  2. You will get all of your import/compliance questions answered by Japanese compliance experts at the event.  
  3. You will learn how to Japanify your product to make it more culturally acceptable to JP and increase conversion rates.

Seller C works for a high 7 figure or 8 figure brand based in the US, UK, or EU. 

You’re doing significant sales and your job is international expansion.  

You are considering different marketplaces like Germany, UK, and off Amazon and weighing the pros and cons.  

This is the right event for you because

  1. You will be able to get a clear roadmap how foreign brands can setup and sell into Japan quickly
  2. You will learn from actual sellers selling in Japan how they did it so you can do it too.
  3. You will find the right partners to facilitate this process – import, compliance, logistics, shipping, translation, Marketing, PPC, selling in physical retail, Rakuten
  4. By the end of the vent you will have a clear strategy that you can take back to your team how to execute a strategic market entry into Japan to maximize your ROI

What if you’re not one of the 3 sellers above? 

The key is the reviews because reviews in Japan are significantly lower

If you have at least several hundred reviews and your product has product-market fit in Japan I will strongly consider attending.

Rather than investing in new product development and the whole cycle from development, prototyping, launch, marketing, ranking, optimization, you can directly take your existing SKU to market in Japan.

Let’s talk in terms of ROI

You only need to need ship few hundred units of your existing SKU to Amazon’s Japan fulfillment center and pay the $40 a month Amz professional selling plan 

Need to make some changes to your listing in terms of japanese keyword ranking, translations and product image localization.  

And you will require Import compliance regulations, labeling adjustments, and working with an Agent to import into Japan.  

But you will not need to open up a new company.  

And remember when you launch you will carryover your reviews.  So literally you will be at an advantage compared to the weaker competition in most categories in Japan.

This event may not be a good fit for you: 

  1. If you are a new seller – you will not have the reviews on your existing SKUs to carryover so you will lose out on that advantage
  2. You are not willing to invest the time to compete in a new market – the mindset should be that once you cross these bridges they will be a natural barrier to entry to your competitors. 
  3. Your product does not fit into the JP market culturally – for example
    1. items that do not CULTURALLY fit in Japan like taco holders, 
    2. Product that don’t PHYSICALLY FIT in Japan like large patio furniture or equipment that do not fit into Japanese homes, 
    3. Items that may be restricted in Japan – certain products may not be legally sold in Japan (Talk to a compliance specialist) 

In all, if this is for you, then this is actually a very low investment for a high chance of unlocking a new business unit in Japan to add $300-965k to your revenue this year.  

This Amazon FBA opportunity in Japan literally dumbfounded an MBA professor I spoke with recently.

His knowledge was the old way of doing business and trying to enter the Japanese marketplace through traditional retail distribution channels and hiring a local country manager and trying to market the brand through traditional offline channels resulted in most brands failing in Japan.  

This new opportunity selling through Amazon FBA, the #1 ecommerce platform in Japan, that can market to 126 million people with such little investment simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Now with Amazon and Ecommerce you literally can fastrack your selling into Japan.

If this sounds like you, I recommend you join 7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind in Okinawa Japan Apr 8-10, 2024.

But if you are considering, I recommend you decide soon because the pre-event discount on tickets will expire Friday March 15th at 11:59pm PST.

-127Days -7Hours -26Minutes -47Seconds

Talk soon,


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