Japan is the new niche for Amazon selling

The Amazon marketplace where you don’t need to niche down  

Hi Everyone,

“The riches are in the niches” is a motto for many Amazon sellers.  

Everyone knows that you need to niche down to find a profitable product.  In other words you shouldn’t sell a generic “thick yoga mat” because that market is too saturated.

Literally 1000s of sellers on amazon.com selling this – with tons of reviews.  

Instead, you should “niche down” to sell yoga mats that are “thick”, “non slip”, and come with a “nylon strap”.

The thinking is that the primary keyword has too much competition, so you need to niche down to find a more niche search term.  Even though the keyword search volume for a niche product is lower, there is still enough search volume to make it worthwhile with less competition.

But recently, I discovered that there is still an Amazon marketplace where you don’t need to niche down.  

I had a chat with 7 Figure Amazon Japan Seller Nick Katz.  

I asked him “How do you find the right niche to sell on Amazon Japan?”

He said something totally against conventional Amazon guru wisdom. 

Japan IS the niche!”

The market in Amazon Japan is not as saturated with so many sellers. 

For example, let’s compare the top search results for “thick yoga mat” on Amazon.com (US) versus Amazon.co.jp (Japan).  

Amazon.com US search result for “thick yoga mat”

You can see the bestseller is an Amazon Basics product with 4.6 stars and 75,000+ reviews.  The top sponsored product result also has 4.6 stars and 7,300+ reviews.  That’s a VERY competitive niche.  

Now here’s the same Search result for “thick yoga mat” on Amazon.co.jp (JS): 

The Amazon JP Bestseller only has 3.9 stars and 373 reviews.  

You can tell that the only reason people are buying this thick yoga mat is because there’s no better option.  There’s no superior alternative.

This is why Japan is such a great market.

Think about it, who would you rather compete against? 

A 4.6 star product with 75,000+ reviews product or a 3.9 star product with 373 reviews?  

Even if you’re not the best seller in the world, Even if you do an OK job and develop a better product and do well with PPC, with localization and translations, you have a pretty good chance of beating someone like that.  

And you can be miles ahead of your competitors and take a big piece of the pie in Japan. 

And best of all, we’re not just talking about yoga mats.  

Japan is still one of the ripest markets in the world.  

We’re talking niches that are still wide open such as home and kitchen, baby, pet products, and many other niches that have been totally saturated in other marketplaces.

This means that there still is an opportunity in Amazon JP for “thick yoga mat” if you can come in with a better quality product. 

Think about it – you can put the same amount of time and effort to sell in Japan versus US. 

If you do it the right way, you can absolutely CRUSH it in Japan and in the US, you probably will barely get noticed.

To be successful on Amazon you need to have at least a 4.0 and ideally a 4.3 star rating.  That way visually it looks like you have 4.5 stars when your listing shows up in the search results.

Think about it, as an Amazon shopper would you buy a product if it only looked like it had a 3.5 star rating?  

I wouldn’t.  If I saw that, I would suspect there’s something wrong with it.  

Otherwise there’s no way it has such a low review.

And Amazon actually will give your listing more ranking juice if it can maintain a 4.3+ star rating because that delivers a better CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – which is good for Amazon and good for it’s shoppers.

The cool part about this is that here in Japan, you can still become an early adopter… even in 2024.

The bestselling “thick yoga mat” in Japan only has 3.9 stars with 373 reviews. 

In the US that’s unheard of.  Literally you would have to turn back the clock to 2014 to see reviews this low and competition this weak. 

I know what you’re thinking.

It sounds intimidating to sell in Japan.  With the language barrier.  The cultural differences.  The import and compliance regulations.  The taxes.

But I’ve been selling on Amazon Japan for several years now (without speaking the language).  

The reality is it’s not necessarily more difficult.  It could be easier.  But it’s just different.

You can absolutely do it yourself in 2024.  

We’ve put together several guides which you can checkout here and here.

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