Live Training: “Source from Vietnam, Sell in Japan”

Hey guys,

Quick reminder of our upcoming training on “Source from Vietnam, Sell in Japan” this Thurs at 8pm EST.  (RSVP NOW)

In this live training you will learn:

  • Why you can’t do the same thing and expect same results in 2024
  • How to be like Apple when strategically sourcing away from China to Vietnam
    • What are their good and leading categories and products to source? What are they best at?
    • How much is a container sent from VIetnam directly to an AMazon warehouse in Japan
    • How to identify a reliable and trustworthy supplier/manufacturer?
  • Why new marketplaces are key to sustaining advantages over your competition
    • Is there enough demand for Amazon Japan market? 
    • What’s the most reliable software or method of product research for this market?
    • Is Amazon Japan not congested?
    • What percentage of the population use Amazon to buy and what products are they buying?
    • Can an Australian entity sell on Amazon Japan?
  • And much more. 

Date and Time: EST Thurs Mar 8pm EST (Melbourne 3/8/24 12pm, Tokyo 3/8/24 10am)

Topic: Source from Vietnam, Sell in Japan

Speakers: Meghla Bhardwarj, Marg Jolly, Kevin Oldham, and Gary Huang 

Over 75 people have registered and seats are limited so RSVP now:

See you then!


PS: Can’t make it live? RSVP anyway and we will send you the link to the replay

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