The 80/20 of Ecommerce – June 25, 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021 breaks sales records even though less products were on “sale”

According to Adobe Analytics, “Overall, online spending during the two-day event surpassed $11 billion, a 6.1% increase compared to last year’s Prime Day held in October.”

However due to supply chain disruptions such as increased freight costs, less shipping capacity, and Amazon’s own restrictions on inventory for 3rd party sellers, many sellers were faced with less inventory than before.  As a result many sellers resisted offering deep discounts this Prime Day fearing running out of stock.

Prime Day sales were still robust however in what will be Jeff Bezos’ final Prime Day as CEO.  

How to Hire an Amazon VA Masterclass with Ana Santiago – Replay

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make as they grow and scale their business is hiring too late.

For established sellers that are running a profitable business, hiring VAs can be one of the best ways to unchain yourself from your business so you can work ON your business, not IN your business.  

I invited Ana Santiago from Outsource school to answer your top questions about How to Hire an Amazon VA. 

If you missed the live training, here’s the video replay where you will learn:

[10:22] How much money should I budget to hire them? 

[11:00] Do I need to hire them full-time? 

[16:02] Which country should you hire from and why? 

[19:16] How much to pay for VAs?

[21:10] How to build culture and relationships with VAs

[22:16] The importance of family

[23:40] The 3 types of VAs and which one you need

[26:02] What tasks should you hire VAs for? 

[28:52] Do you need to hire VAs full-time? 

[34:00] Stay away from decreasing hours

[34:30] How much does a VA cost

[36:02] The $1/hr VA

[39:10] How much should you spend on hiring VAs

[39:55] How do you start hiring – let’s do the math 

[42:45] What if VAs have multiple clients?

[46:32] How to reduce the risk of hiring a VA

[51:00] What VAs look for in clients 

[52:31] How to conduct interviews? Zoom vs Slack?

[57:40] After you hire them how do you manage them? 

As a special bonus, Ana offered a free consultation to help you and answer any questions you have about hiring an Amazon VA.

Book a call with her here:

Spots are very limited. So book early to avoid disappointment.

Use coupon code and get 25% off Outsource School: 8020

Here are some things you may have missed from last week:

Have a great weekend!


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