80/20 Of Ecommerce – May 20, 2022

China Sourcing Updates

What we know

  • Shanghai continues to be in lockdowns for over 6 weeks now
  • Tesla nearly stops production at its Shanghai plant due to a lack of component supplies A lot of companies experienced plunging sales this Q1
  • We are unsure when China can lift the lockdowns

As Shanghai enters its 6th week of lockdowns with no end in sight, the impact on the supply chain has already reached the global scale. Companies all over the world have felt the disruption. 

Automakers, fashion houses, breweries, tech firms, and other 180 companies considered China’s lockdowns key variables affecting their Q1 earnings. 

In fact, even Tesla has been forced to slow production nearly to a stop at its Shanghai plant this week because of a lack of subcomponent availability due to the Covid lockdowns according to a Reuters report.  

We will keep our eye on this as the uncertainty continues. 

Shopify is buying their way into the 2-day shipping game

Image Credits: Shopify News

Shopify recently bought the logistics company Deliverr for $2.1 billion dollars. This move is the largest acquisition Shopify has made in its history. 

The Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) and Deliverr have teamed together to simplify supply chains for merchants of all sizes, both on and off Shopify, democratizing access to end-to-end logistics for independent companies.

The company plans to combine Deliverr with its existing fulfillment network. They will also leverage this action to power their Shop Promise guarantee. It is a new service that aims to provide customers with a two-day or next-day delivery. 

Shopify seems to have taken this step to compete with Amazon’s Buy with Prime initiative to cater to third-party merchants searching for a faster and more reliable shipping solution.


The Ecommerce war between Amazon and Shopify is intensifying as Shopify is buying its way into the 2-day shipping game to compete against Amazon Prime. 

Walmart’s e-commerce sales were flat in the most recent earning report

Walmart recently released its earnings report on Tuesday. The numbers fell far short of Wall Street projections as rising gasoline prices and greater inventory levels pressure the nation’s largest retailer.

Specifically, according to CNBC, their e-commerce sales increased by only 1% since last year, and 38% based on two-year progress. 


Is this flatness in e-commerce a temporary blip on the radar from Walmart or a sign of more significant slowdowns ahead?  

[Video Replay] Amazon Business Optimization – Learn How To Scale And Grow The 5 Main Business Functions

Did you know that Optimization can help scale your Amazon business exponentially?

Yoni Mazor from GETIDA just provided a valuable discussion on Amazon Business Optimization – how you can scale and grow your Amazon business with the right optimization strategies. In this masterclass, Yoni shares how you can start to scale your business by optimizing your 5 Main Business Functions.

You’ll learn:

[2:40] Who’s this session for today and why should they watch?
[8:08] Optimization Overview

[8:44] Optimizing the Accounting side of your business

[11:56] Know your profit and loss so you can react in real-time

[16:18] Human Resources – Platforms where you can hire and outsource your operations

[21:30] Hire and invest in people who are smarter than you

[24:50] Logistics – Best practices and platforms to optimize your logistics

[26:51] Air shipping “First Choice Shipping” – Get your products more quickly

[29:26] Shipstation – streamline orders from e-commerce marketplaces across the board

[31:00] Expand your Product Distribution at any given time

[36:05] “I have a manufacturer that I love, how do I know if I’m saving money?” 

[36:50] Operations – Platforms that will help you optimize operations
[37:55] Spott – Insurance policies for selling on Amazon
[41:45] Textme app – get a virtual biz phone number for calls and texting

[49:39] Tools you should consider to scale your business

[52:55] GIMP – like free Photoshop
[58:07] Scaling on amazon is a game of tools

[58:30] Full Amazon Scaling Blueprint List

[59:01] Auditing – The Rules of the Game

[59:47] Why do you need help auditing FBA – Case Study: A Seller that got a 7X multiple during an Exit

Watch the full replay here.

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Next month, in Portugal, there will be an in-person international Amazon Barcamp event called Orange Klik Barcamp. This could be a good opportunity for you if you are selling over Amazon and you want to network with and surround yourself with like-minded e-commerce sellers in Europe.

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