The 80/20 of Ecommerce -8/20/21

Global Demand is only up 2.7% – Why are shipping rates so high? 

Ecommerce entrepreneurs are faced with skyrocketing shipping container prices of over $20,000 per container from Shanghai to Long Beach.

What’s the reason?  

According to supply chain expert and consultant Lars Jensn,”The problem right now is predominantly one of capacity.”

“Ocean freight capacity is being heavily curtailed by congestion, with equipment tied up both on land and at sea” according to Freight Waves.  

The causes of congestion keep coming: from the lack of containers available for shipments, to the Covid closings in China at the Yantian and Ningbo ports, to the ocean vessel stuck at the Suez Canal, to the numerous delays off the port of Long Beach – it’s been a domino effect in escalating the capacity problem.

Even back-to-school products are facing shortages and price increases due to the supply chain shortages

As you may have expected due to the supply chain challenges, the impact is already felt in  back-to-school supplies.  

“It’s back-to-school shopping season — and product shortages, which have affected everything from furniture to chicken wings, are hitting school supplies” according to WCPO news..  

Walmart is struggling with supply shortages of products such as Disney backpacks.  

It looks like we will see fewer deep discounted products like $0.10 spiral notebooks because supplies will be tight. 

I believe this is the canary in the coal mine.

This Q4 I expect many holiday products to be in short supply given the Perfect Storm we’re facing now.

You’re probably asking how can I Navigate this “Perfect Storm” to win in Q4?

7 Figure Seller Summit 5 – Final Day!

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On day 5 (today) you will also learn how to prepare for an exit from 7 and 8 Figure sellers who’ve done it, as well as what NOT to do so you don’t leave money on the table as you maximize your business valuation.  

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Here are some things you may have missed recently:

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