The 80/20 of Ecommerce – July 30, 2021

(VIDEO) What to do to Weather the Perfect Storm to Win Q4 for Ecom sellers (Replay)

Big Demand for Corrugated Boxes and Other Packaging

According to Ecommerce Bytes “Newmark Group, a commercial real estate services firm, found that nationally, nearly 407 billion square feet of corrugated product was churned out in 2020 as online orders spiked during the pandemic – an all-time high. It expects demand to remain elevated, and said, based on current space utilization of top corrugated occupiers, it estimates that an extra 250,000 square feet of direct industrial space for every additional 1.0 billion square feet of corrugated product could be needed to accommodate annual growth.”

With the transition to more cardboard boxes showing up on doorsteps rather than in stores, the industry is relying on more consumers with expectations and demands to remain elevated. 

Amazon will launch Amazon EGYPT in 2021

Amazon will launch in Egpyt later this year according to Daily News Egypt. 

Previously they were operating in Egypt through and will now be rebranded as Amazon Egypt.  

Let’s see how this new marketplace performs. 

Announcing 7 Figure Seller Summit 5

25+ masterclasses from 7 Figure Amazon Sellers and Ecommerce Experts

Discover how 7 Figure Sellers are navigating the Perfect Storm to WIN Q4

I’m super excited to announce that 7 Figure Seller Summit Registrations are now OPEN!  

Here’s how the summit works:

The 7 Figure Seller Summit is a 5 day online event designed to help Amazon and Ecommerce sellers build, scale, and exit their businesses.  

Each day there will be 5-7 masterclasses that will be available to watch for 24 hours if you get the free pass.  

At the end of each day there will be a LIVE recap Q&A session where we invite our speakers back to answer your questions LIVE on the call.  

For those of you who don’t have time to watch the sessions once they go live, we’ve created the All Access Pass.  You will unlock all the videos to watch on demand anytime and anywhere. 

Also you will get audio which you can listen to on the go and transcripts for visual learners.

And you will get additional bonuses from our speakers like free coaching calls, additional trainings, and discounts worth thousands of dollars not available anywhere else.  

Join your “Favorite Amazon conference/event of 2020” with the same award-winning format 

Every year, thousands of ecommerce sellers vote for their favorite Amazon event of the year. 

Last year, we won the award for FAVORITE AMAZON CONFERENCE/EVENT of 2020 in Seller Poll.  

This year, we’re keeping the same award-winning program and putting it on steroids.

This year, we’ll cover:

  • Day 1: MINDSET and FUNDAMENTALS of an Ecommerce Entrepreneur
  • Day 2: Marketing, Branding, and PPC
  • Day 3: SCALING your business
  • Day 4: PROFITABILITY so you keep more money in your pocket
  • Day 5: EXITS – and structuring your Amazon and Ecom business for a maximum selling rice

And do our best to make it an event that you remember for years to come.

25+ Ecommerce masterclasses designed to help you prepare for Q4 and navigate the “Perfect Storm” 

I’m on a mission to do everything I can to help you build, scale, and exit your ecommerce business.  I’ve spent months surveying and listening to hundreds of you and heard your struggles and what you’re doing to overcome these issues to win in Q4. 

Based on what you told me, I’ve designed this event specifically to help you overcome the key challenges you’re facing right now.   

Moreover, I have handpicked the right speakers to train you on how to overcome these challenges based on what’s working right now in 2021.  

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How 7 Figure Sellers are doing product selection in 2021
  • How to overcome logistics problems and Amazon inventory restrictions
  • How to handle and overcome high shipping prices
  • The 80/20 of Amazon PPC to maximize your ROI
  • Ways to drive external traffic to your listings to boost sales, rank, and profit
  • Future of Video Marketing: Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube marketing for ecommerce sellers
  • Strategies to scale your business using VAs, Technology, and Systems
  • ENDGAME: How to create a valuable and sellable business 

I’m bringing back your Favorite speakers

Good news!  After the last summit, I reviewed our feedback and found out that a few of the speakers were your favorites and invited them BACK to tell us what they’re doing now to overcome the Perfect Storm and win in Q4.  

We are bringing back some of your favorite speakers like Mike Jackness, Sharon Even, Tim Jordan, Cameron Walker, and many more.  

And New Speakers 

I’ve also invited NEW 7 Figure sellers, who you might not have heard of before.  They’re not active on social media or podcasts and typically don’t do interviews.  But I brought them out to talk to you and spill the beans on how they’re running their business to win Q4 in 2021.  

NEW: Summit “tracks” for beginners, intermediate and advanced sellers to personalize your experience.

In the past, we just had one program. I got a lot of feedback that people wanted to know which sessions to listen to. 

So this time around, we have a brand new Summit Tracks system. Here is how it works:

-Every session has a category: Beginner, Intermediate, and 7 Figure Seller

-How to use them: before the event starts I recommend you review the sessions page after getting your Free Pass and mark the masterclasses that are at your level and interest you the most.  

This will be like a “Choose your own adventure” for Ecommerce sellers to navigate through the perfect storm. 

Don’t worry – with the All Access Pass, you’ll get access to ALL the sessions either way. 

But this way, you can get the most out of your time and focus on the sessions that are the most relevant for where you’re at with your ecommerce business right now. 

NEW: VIP Mastermind Pass for 7-8 Figure Sellers

But what if you’re already a 7 or 8-figure seller? Then just more information isn’t enough. Working with 7-8 figure sellers, I noticed that the thing that really moves the needle is Masterminding with other experienced 7-8 figure sellers to give you DIRECT FEEDBACK on your business.  

For the very first time we will offer an exclusive upgraded ticket – the NEW Live VIP Mastermind Pass for 7 and 8 Figure sellers (verification required).   

In a closed doors, small group, intimate setting, you will talk to experts and get feedback from them  (20 seats only).

You will discover how to breakthrough your biggest challenges with your problems as you go into the hotseat to get feedback from the group. 

You will also network with other 7 figure sellers and learn what other real sellers are doing to crush it in Q4.

In addition, you will also get additional THREE (3) VIP masterminds (1hr each) to get your questions answered from experts in branding, PPC, scaling, hiring VAs, and how to prepare for an exit.

Guys I’ve put hundreds of hours into this event and I believe it’s the best thing you can invest in your ecommerce business to win Q4.  

Will I see you there?  Get your free pass now at

Here are some things you may have missed from last week:

Have a great day!


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