The 80/20 of Ecommerce -September 10, 2021

Covid waves will hit the global supply chain for two years, Reagan economist warns

Economist John Rutledge, who was an advisor to President Regan, said that “the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to inflict pain on the global supply chain and contribute to the semi logjam into 2023.”

The reasons include:

  1. Pandemics come in waves – it’s not “one and done”.  There was the initial Covid-19 “alpha” strain which ebbed and flowed and now we are getting hit with the “Delta” strain which is more severe and leading to a spike in cases.  We may see more mutations later which will cause spikes in cases and continue to wreak havoc to the parts of the supply chain.
  1. Worker shortages – it’s uncertain whether this can be solved in the near future.  Due to the stimulus packages as well as workers not feeling safe (or unwilling) to return to work the lack of workers is hurting the supply chain from seaman to port truckers.  

This means that the Perfect Storm of Logistics may extend into 2023!

So you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to manage your inventory to prepare for Q4 and beyond

How to prepare inventory for Q4 and beyond – Live Webinar by So Stocked 9/16 at 2PM PST

To help you prepare your inventory so you don’t run out of stock while dealing with Amazon inventory restrictions, I’d like to invite you to a live webinar by Chelsea Cohen from So Stocked.  

She spoke at the last 7FSS and So Stocked is a secret weapon used by a number of 7 Figure Amazon sellers to help manage their inventory forecasting so they don’t run out of stock or over order.  

Chelsea will be giving a live webinar next week and you are invited.  

Amazon’s new restock limits, we are no longer just marketers. We must also be good inventory managers. This webinar by SoStocked will help you to adopt inventory management best practices and to restructure your logistics to prepare inventory for Q4 and beyond.  

Thursday, September 16th (11 am PST/2 pm EST)

Register here:

Please note that I am an affiliate for So Stocked so if you do decide to use their paid service I will receive a small commission which helps pay for my coffee!  If not, no worries, feel free to join their free webinar to learn inventory management best practices nonetheless.

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