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80/20 Of Ecommerce – May 13, 2022

China Sourcing Updates

What we know

  • China disruption continues to hurt the international supply chain
  • International companies are having hard time restarting operations
  • It is difficult to predict when will this dilemma come to end

Image Credits: Pixabay

As a world manufacturer, China’s disruptions are impacting the global economy and adding another danger to the inflation picture. The government attempts to restore production in Shanghai, where most of the populace has been under lockdown for five weeks. 

However, many international companies claim they are still unable to begin operations. China’s inflation report will be scrutinized as food and other product shortages, exacerbated by lockdowns, drive up prices. Consumer price rise is expected to go up, but factory-gate inflation is expected to stay high. 

On the global scale, businesses like Tesla Inc. and Apple Inc. are still experiencing disruptions in their supply chain. “Global port congestion is intensifying and spreading, according to RBC’s Head of Digital Intelligence Strategy, Michael Tran, and colleague, Jack Evans,  admitting it was difficult to predict when things would ease.


As Amazon sellers, we must be aware that some macro concerns like this may impact our companies. During these times, we must be hands-on with our business. We can only plan, plot, and design strategies to decrease the impact because we are the ones who are experiencing it.

Two Amazon employees tied to Staten Island Union Effort dismissed by Amazon

Image Credits: Amine M’Siouri from Pexels

Amazon fired two employees who are members of an organizing effort at a Staten Island warehouse. This warehouse is where the workers voted to participate in a union last month. The said employees are Mat Cusick and Tristan Dutchin.

Both of them worked in a new organization founded by current and former Amazon employees, the Amazon Labor Union, to organize workers at its Staten Island warehouses. Amazon informed Dutchin that he had fallen short of the company’s productivity targets, which call for staff to choose hundreds of shipments every hour. Thus, they fired him last Saturday after his shift despite his manager’s recent compliment on his improved performance.

On the other hand, Cusick was dismissed last week after using “Covid care leave,” which lets staff care for sick family members with Covid-19. On May 4, Cusick received a letter from Amazon stating he was fired due to job abandonment. The HR department approved his leave until April 29, for the record.


It’s certainly unethical and against the law to dismiss union organizers, but the consequences are so minor that they may pay off for the company. It’s also challenging to prove that a person was rejected for union participation rather than not showing up on time or failing to execute their job efficiently.

2022 Ecommerce Fulfillment Trends that Every Seller Should Know

Image Credits: Stock

According to a WD Partners poll, e-commerce is now the preferred mode of purchasing for 68 percent of customers, up 52 percent in 2020. By 2024, e-commerce sales will account for 20% of overall retail sales.

There’s no disputing that online shopping will continue to grow. However, there are still a lot of e-commerce aspects that need improvement. Most of the issues were exposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first one on the list is shipping. With the rise of e-commerce, order volumes, rising rates, and capacity congruently balloon. The most prevalent fulfillment issues were delivery expectations (45 percent) and transportation capacity (36 percent).

Additionally, labor shortages also became a problem that affected the operations in fulfillment centers. Warehouse space also had low vacancies. Inventory management has become one of the top issues of companies. Technology limitations were also brought to the table.

Despite these challenges, specific preventive and strategic solutions are implemented to offer flexibility, scalability, and multiple fulfillment sources. Companies are starting to attract workers, increase demand for space, make technological investments, and enhance inventory management practices.


As e-commerce is starting to establish its roots in the business industry, it is customary to see specific issues. However, as an Amazon Seller, you need to continuously innovate and keep up with the times, especially technology and various managerial practices, to cope with challenges in the area.

Changes to the Buyer-Initiated Order Cancellation Process

Image Credits: iStock

The response from Seller Central has been received. Many sellers expressed a need for a better way to manage buyer cancellation requests without searching the buyer central messaging platform for them. They can quickly go overlooked when several at once, resulting in product returns and refunds.

Since May 10, 2022, this has been in effect. If you utilize seller central, notifications and cancellations that were previously communicated via buyer-seller communications are now displayed on the manage orders page for each buyer-initiated cancellation.

If you use order reports to process orders, you can enable the buyer requested cancel field to see cancellation requests in your order reports. As for the changes, if you use APIs, you can view the buyer cancellation request through your own systems by using the list order items API.

Once you import, you can continue to cancel orders through API feeds on seller central or with a file upload. You will still continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated order cancellation requests.

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