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Can’t make this year to 7 Figure Seller Japan Mastermind?

Hey Everyone,

We’re only a few days away before our Okinawa conference and I can’t believe we were able to find the entrepreneurs that will share what’s working right now to sell into Japan.  Here are just 3 of the new topics we were able to add to the agenda. 

How to work with Japanese influencers to get 30x ROAS

ONe of the best ways to compete against Chinese sellers is by using little known eternal marketing strategies especially using influencers to drive external traffic.  You can even create Japanese social media accounts and build an audience of raving fans.  

Tetsuo Funahara helps a number of foreign brands successfully enter the Japanese market.  

Recently he’s helped a foreign beauty brand sell $4 million USD a year in Japan with a combination of sales on Amazon, Rakuten and in offline retail stores across Japan.

He and his team has successfully amplified sales by selectively working with influencers in Japan across youtube, instagram, Tiktok and Line.  

Several of you have said that this is one of the most anticipated sessions at 7FSJM.

How a Japanese ex-amazonian builds 7 Figure businesses on Amazon Japan (and you can too)

Enter Daichi Hase – he used to work on the seller support team at Amazon Japan overseeing a Billion yen account, one of the biggest sellers in Japan.  

This guy is smart – he even graduated from Waseda which is the Harvard of Japan.

He will literally dissect the formula on how to build a 7 figure brand on Amazon Japan – going from JP keyword research, to image localization for japan.  He even is going to break down ALL of the different types of deals that you can use to kickstart your sales and recommend how much to discount so that shoppers will click add to cart.  

If you don’t have the right numbers it won’t work out. 

Expanding your business in Japan – Amazon to Rakuten and beyond.

Everyone knows Amazon but did you know that Rakuten is the next biggest ecom platform in Japan.  The shopping demographic is different, the look and feel of the platform is different, and getting setup is different.

But the key thing is – this is a huge potential way to boost your sales in Japan.  That’s why I invited Japan business veteran Marc Fuoti to walk you through how to expand your business in Japan.

How to source from Japan?

Many of you asked about how to source from Japan and we sourcing expert Yuliya Blinova and she will spill the beans on how to do this yourself.  Alibaba is not going to work and almost nobody is doing what she will share.  

This is the perfect way to differentiate your product from everyone else sourcing from Alibaba.  And you will not be as prone to copycats from your Chinese factories and competitors.  

These Japanese manufacturers are old school and their mindsets are not looking to sell on Amazon (like Chinese manufacturers) but to manufacture Japanese quality products at reasonable prices.

I know some of you would rather wait until next year…

The thing is I haven’t decided if we will do this event again next year as I’m focused on exceeding the expectations of all of the 6, 7, and 8 figure sellers attending our mastermind in Japan.  

If you are serious about selling in Japan, I highly recommend you get the recordings now.  

Here’s what you’ll get

  • VIDEO replays of 11 7FSJM2 masterclasses ($1100 value)
  • Transcripts of all 11 masterclasses ($110 value)
  • My personal notes and summary of the event ($99 value)
  • Amazon Japan ROLODEX – contact info for all the service providers and partners from Importer of Records, Compliance testing, 3PLs, Japan sourcing agency, Japan localization, Japan influencer marketing, Amazon JP PPC, AI tools for Japan, and more ($199 value)
  • 2 personal email introductions to any speaker at the event ($199 value)
  • $500 in free Amazon Reimbursements from Carbon 6
  • $500 in PickFU A/B testing for Japan – Do market research and get real feedback from actual Japanese Amazon shoppers about your images, packaging, designs, and more
  • Free ASIN audit from Carbon 6
  • Free 45 consultation on Rakuten selling from Marc Fuoti ($375 value)
  • LIVE 1 hour group workshop (online) on “How to sell on Amazon Japan” from Daichi Hase, 7 Figure Amazon Japan Seller ($397 value) (April 2024 TBD)
  • Additional bonus offers from speakers and sponsors 

And I get it.  Watching the recordings at home is not the same as being there live (insert sales page for ticket). 

The good news is we will have a BONUS Live training with a number of the guest speakers and 8 and 7 figure sellers after the event online. 

This way you can get direct support about your products, how you will localize into Japan, how to work with Japanese influencers, and more.  

This special bonus training is only available to attendees who join IN person and people who buy the recordings before sunday night 11:59pm 

Get them now

GaryPS: “WHO not HOW”.  I’m happy to make a personal introduction to any of the speakers at the event for those that join the conference live or buy the recordings.  That introduction will save you months of time wasted searching on google, youtube, etc because my team and I have handpicked all of the speakers to help you expand into Japan.  It’s like we have assembled the Avengers of Japan and you can get to learn and work with any of them right now. Get your video replays and bonuses now