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What I love so much about the 7 figure seller Summit is that everyone brings something unique. So you know, my presentation is something that I've never done before. It's something new just for the seven figure seller Summit. And that's what it's like for all the other speakers too. So you are going to learn something unique from everyone.

And you're gonna see a bunch of really great speakers and topics. Breakouts for the topics are really really great as well. It's covering everything from the foundation of your business to scaling to exiting, and of course, advertising and marketing which are changing as well a lot

AMY WEES  //  7 Figure Seller

I have to say, I'm really jealous of you, Gary, for having come up with the 7 Figure Seller Summit and for getting such awesome people to speak. You've pulled together a lineup now for a number of years, but obviously, this one's going to be better than any other before. You pulled together a lineup of some of the most amazing speakers, and it really is providing so much value to sellers. There are so many bonuses, freebies and giveaways that I think it's providing immense value to people.

SHELLEY SIMONE  //  7 Figure Seller

You know, I've been involved in a couple of seven figure seller summits. It's not easy to say Gary, but I can tell you that it's always the highest quality. The speakers are fantastic. I really feel proud to be invited back. I don't take this lightly. This is not something that you come in and just walk in and just you know, wing it. This is an important presentation and an important summit in our industry that helps everybody on every angle of the business. So I think seven figure seller Summit is one of the best if not the best, and anybody that's not participating is missing the boat.

DON HENIG //  7 Figure Seller

People should join the seven figure sellers summit because it brings together top sellers and service providers within the space that are talking about high level, very actionable things that you can do in your business and that are not being shared in all of the other events that you might be going to. It's very unique in terms of its information.

CHELSEA COHEN  //  7 Figure Seller

So from the first time I heard about the Seven Figure Seller Summit, I have heard nothing but amazing things that they have amazing speakers that they're all just like super, super qualified. They have all these amazing gems to share. And as a seller you also get the community and the connections and all that is so worth it. So that's why.

GRACEY RYBACK //  Amazon influencer

Well, I honestly think it is one of the best, if not the best summits out there. I mean, Gary and I have known each other for a really long time. We both lived in Shanghai at the same time. He's the most genuine, good hearted dude I know in this space. Really only trying to offer value, above everything else. One of the only people who's really just trying to offer the best possible value and you feel it like on the back end, the conversations you guys aren't privy to where he's talking to us. The speakers, like the whole thing is focused on the value to you guys and how it could be the most possible value to you. I've never spoken to another event, physical or digital or that had that kind of focus on delivering the most possible timely, unique ninja value. So you're in the right place if you're here, I'll tell you that.

CHRIS RAWLINGS  //  7 Figure Seller

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Here’s a list of all of the bonuses that are included In The All-Access Pass

FREE Pricing Audit by Profasee Data Science Team, only 5 slots available.  ($15,000 Value) $1M revenue annual required - Chad Rubin, Profasee

FREE Carbon6 black diamond audit ($1,000 value) to identify the one lever you can pull to scale your business - experienced sellers only  first 10 people that signup $500k minimum annual revenue required - Clayton Atchison, Carbon6 

ZonGuru 7-Day Free Trial With 20% off lifetime discount, Hot Products eBook, Product Opportunity Explorer Reports for Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets, Sports & Outdoors, Personal report for selling category of your choice - Jon Tilley, ZonGuru

Get up to $500 back with zero fees in Amazon Reimbursements - Eytan Wiener, GETIDA

FREE consultation and indicative valuation if you are looking to sell your business ($600) + Ben's Instagram funnel to build an audience (100% off) - Ben Leonard, EcomBrokers

1 hour business consultation with Tomer Rabinovich (only available to first 3 people) ($20,000 value) - Tomer Rabinovich, Top Dog

"How to build a marketing funnel from product inserts" in-depth course notes  - Amy Wees

PPC Challenge 10 seats (expires Sept 4th) - Chris Rawlings 30-day free trial and a $500 sign-up bonus upon funding + 30 Minute consultation with Don - Any topic (First 10 people only) - Don Henig, AccrueMe

Japan market entry strategy session 30min consultation for $50. 10 people only (Normally $300/hr value) - Nick Katz

1 Free A+ content - all you have to do is send us the images ($295 value) - Kamaljit Singh, AMZ One Step

"Amazon Live" masterclass (1st time she’s ever done) with actionable examples and case study. Brand referral bonus snippet - really valuable - Gracey Ryback

The ultimate blueprint for sourcing products in the US - Afolabi Oyerokun, HONU Worldwide

20% off India Sourcing Workshop for All Access Pass holders ($279 regular price) - Meghla Bhardwaj and Margaret Jolly

VIP price for Amazon Inventory Management Software For Amazon Sellers -  Chelsea Cohen, SoStocked

Free Consultation with Sellerplex - run through of your business with Head of Finance - Nate Ginsburg

Workshop to get more Amazon reviews (non-blackhat) ($49)  - Tomer Rabinovich, Top Dog

FREE 15 minute ASIN assessment to identify any holes that could get you suspended - Chris McCabe

1 Free Full Day Masterclass session (8hrs) (Value 250 GBP) - 25 videos to choose - Shelley Simone

30 min FREE consultation + sourcing optimization and product review made in right country, do you have a reasonable price, is it possible to source more efficiently from different country - Sebastian Herz (Zignify)

Q&A session with Liran Hirschkorn and Mansour Norouzi - Mansour Norouzi, Incrementum Digital

Spanish translations - make sure listing in the front end is translated properly (20% off) - Vanessa Hung, Online Seller Solutions

Get a free NRI number for Canada ($349 value) when you sign up and ship with us - Ryan Cramer, First Choice Shipping

Get Amazon FBA Spreadsheet Bundle 50% off (A savings of 175$) - David Lang and Ryan Sherrard, DAVAN Strategic

Altogether we are talking over $30,000 in all of the bonuses that are included in the All-Access Pass

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7FSS8 Summit starts on June 26, 2023 10am EST

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